Zombies 2 Game Overview & Tips

Zombies 2 Game overview

Zombies 2 Game has released the sequel to SWAT and Zombie Games for Android on the Google Play Store. Here’s what you need to know about SWAT and Zombie Season 2 Tips, overviews. The game is one of the best games. Is that correct? Thousands of greatest zombie games are available for free on the Google Play Store (e.g., 2 units, botanical zombies, etc.).

SWAT and Zombie Games is one of the popular zombie games and one of the best defensive games. If you’ve played it, you have to play next season. The sequel “SWAT and Zombies 2” has been released to the Google Play store.  You can play SWAT and Zombies 2 offline, but you need an active Internet connection at initialization to save your progress. In the game, players form a team of warriors fighting zombies.

Zombies 2 Game Overview & Tips for Android

Your goal is to clean all zombies from everywhere. But it will not be easy because of the powerful zombie gang. Can you defeat zombie treasures? Bombs, bombs, and powerful equipment. Zombies 2 offer 4 game modes. Stage, Infinity, Stadium and World Sweeper Mode. The stairs are divided into 5 scenes. Hometown, street, mart, factory and airport. When playing in day mode, the number of zombies is less than when playing in night mode. However, to get coins, stars, equipment parts, boxes, etc., you must complete all the steps in both modes.

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In infinite mode, you will fight endless zombies. You defeat the waves of zombies and get a wooden box. This box contains important items such as coins, weapon parts, member items, and stars. This mode is the toughest mode of SWAT and Zombie 2 games. In Stadium mode, you can play against other teams in the world in real time. Internet connection required. The last game mode is the best mode for world sweeper mode / event, SWAT and Zombies 2 game.

The game begins with a tutorial to learn about the basics of the game. Describes how to deploy team members, how to replace them, how to upgrade weapons, and how to wear equipment. At the end of the tutorial, the player handles everything manually. The goal of the game is to clean the zombies and defend the fences. The game is easy, but getting 3 stars at every stage is difficult.

How to get 100% results or 3 stars per step?

There is only one rule to get 3 stars in every game. Do not lose a team member. If a zombie is eating one of his team members, he will not get three stars. Try to save all members at every step because stars are valuable. If one of your team’s health conditions deteriorates due to an attack by a zombie, press the arrow button to replace the other team member.

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Your activity when the fight begins of Zombies 2 Game

It’s not easy to get three stars in a game. When the fight begins, you should watch coins, members’ health, zombies, coins in your pocket, and so on. These are the activities you should do; Membership placement – the gun must be placed first. Because they are away from zombies on your fence. Place the shield first and then the gunman.

Replace Member – Replace with a new coin when you have enough coins and your team is in poor health. Otherwise you will not get 3 stars. Reload – Tap the gun to reload the bullet. Keep fighting. Coins – You can get coins by defeating the zombies. Use this coin to place more SWAT members. Do not miss a coin and do not look at the box. Zombies and Zombies there are dozens of zombies in the game. Different zombie types require different strategies.

For example, a dog zombie can jump members. Finally put the baton.SWAT and Zombies 2 Game. I remember that there are limited coins, so I need to use coins efficiently. For example; You have 400 coins, you can place one fighter on 400 fighters or place 8 fighters (50 coins each). Use a bomb when a large number of zombies attack one side. The last wave is enormous. Zombies come quickly to you, but you can easily defeat this wave if you prepare for power early.

Then, throw the bombs at the zombies, if they come from one side, send your fighter (placed on the other side) again, you will get coins, buy bombs, and buy powerful fighters to kill everyone.

  • Upgrade your team members, weapons, and members.
  • Equipped with high level weapons instead of low level
  • Collect coins and stars to defeat zombie treasures. Complete the steps and receive these rewards.
  • Go to the Quest section and claim your reward.
  • View your ads and use the Share feature to get more coins.
  • Complete the steps and level up. Level up means a strong fence and you get more coins at the start of the battle.
  • Open the wooden box while watching the advertisement to get more rewards.
  • Play in infinite mode to get a free wooden box.
  • Buy more slots and battle with more members.

How to get more coins when battle begins? With many coins, you can place more members in less time. Level up by collecting stars. How to collect stars? Perfect stage, battle win, open wooden box. How to upgrade your weapon? When you have the minimum number of parts, the weapon can be upgraded to the next level. For example; MSK guns require two parts to upgrade to a two-step upgrade. Get this piece from a wooden box.

How to equip weapons items? Click one of the team members. Tap the + button and select the device, if available. If you are looking for a new defense and strategy game, you should play SWAT and Zombies 2 game. It is an addictive and time-consuming game for Android.