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ZERO Launcher APK Download Latest Version 3.69

ZERO Launcher APK download latest version 3.69 getting the best launcher is the best choice because it shows the best screen for Android.

Download ZERO Launcher APK latest version

Therefore, ZERO Launcher – HD Theme, HD Wallpaper, 3D Effect Installing the latest APK 3.69 (179) will be the best solution to improve the Android screen. It has several features that will satisfy you in usage. It’s not too big, but it has a nice engine theme and strong 3D. Besides, you will also get a personal runner that is beautifully and perfectly on your Android screen.

About ZERO Launcher APK file

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  • Developer: GOMO
  • Version: 3.69 (179)
  • File size: 12MB
  • Uploaded: January 19, 2018 4:06 PM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.1+
  • MD5: 9b8d9ab7a4c287b2306095b7e62d0c6f
  • SHA1: 572cfe98cedfbe598479a3bdb87cb108ce8cfb01

Review of ZERO Launcher APK

Launchers have impressive themes and desktops so you can watch beautiful screens. This app is also available for all Android brands like Samsung S8, S7, S8 Edge, S7 Edge, LG, Huawei P10. Also, it is very good for Android 7.1. Also, the most important thing in this application is that it is a small size because your Android is only 9 megabytes. It is fantastic. Apps that support launchers can use a lot of features, so you’ll be happy to use the app. The features you see in this application are private. The launcher has free themes and wallpapers. It is also a great designer so it will make your Android beautiful. In addition, the application is small but fast.

This launcher is the smallest launcher and has great features. ZERO Launcher APK download free the executable program includes optimizers, cleaners, security, and so on, making it very convenient for you. Apps are safe and smart because they help you manage and categorize your apps in your smart folders with just one click. However, the application is great, but there are also pros and cons. Both can help you optimize your app more effectively. Here are the pros and cons of the app:

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Advantages :

It has a great 3D effect. You can get many themes, icons and wallpaper HD freely. It also has an optimizer that can optimize your Android very well. Disadvantages If Android is not 7.1, your app will not get any better.

How to use ZERO Launcher APK

Do not worry about using this ZERO Launcher – because HD themes, HD wallpapers, and 3D effects for android are very simple. Just open the app. After you open the application, you can choose a theme or wallpaper with a 3D effect. This effect is user-friendly. When you complete the process by clicking OK, the screen changes and can be changed.

Change log

  1. You can now customize all your contacts with different Caller ID themes!
  2. The bug has been fixed.
  3. Speed optimization.
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