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YouTube Go APK Download Latest Version 1.06.56

YouTube Go APK Download latest version 1.06.56 is an app that helps you watch your favorite YouTube videos while having limited data. This app was developed by Google.

Download YouTube Go APK latest version

With this app, you can find popular videos from comedy, movies, cooking to fashion and many other options. Best of all, you can download and watch your favorite videos without an Internet connection. Unlike regular YouTube apps, you can preview videos before you decide to view or download them. You can also set the number of bytes of downloaded video. Practically designed to meet the needs of many people for great video on the go.

About YouTube Go APK files

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  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Version: 1.06.56 (106563040)
  • File size: 9.2 MB
  • Uploaded: March 11, 2018 9:35 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.1+
  • MD5: 10a24ca6a2f5e71be39ad6a2cf7ae0a9
  • SHA1: 8a6bff87eb6e959126e8eb9acdc768c83b4be5ad

YouTube Go APK v1.06.56
Download APK file (9.2 MB)

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Review of YouTube Go APK

The main advantage of Go for Android for Android is that you can preview the size of your video file. So you know exactly how much data is consumed when you view or download the video. Especially if you have limited Internet access or limited Internet access per day. Another advantage is that you can download videos or stream them right away. It also provides video quality options if you choose to play the video. You can also share downloaded videos with other YouTube Go users. Because it uses a P2P Wi-Fi connection, you do not need to use Internet data to share video, and you can do it much faster than using Bluetooth. Overall, you can use very simple apps that work well without unnecessary extra work. But there are disadvantages of the app. Because it’s a very simple app, the main page only offers popular videos. The app does not provide a subscription page, so you can rely solely on search columns or scroll through the provided recommendations. Therefore, it may not be appropriate as desired. It’s a luxury you can only use in regular YouTube apps because you can not minimize the video on playback. In summary, here are the pros and cons of using this app.

Advantages :

You can minimize your data usage. It allows you to see how much data will be consumed in the video. It provides a simple and user-friendly interface. YouTube Go APK free you can download any video you want with the app. Disadvantages : We do not provide a signup page. This application can not minimize video. You can only search through the popular list of main pages.

How to use YouTube Go APK

Use this app feature to share downloaded videos with your friends. Just open the Downloads tab and tap the Send option. Make sure you have already activated Bluetooth to perform the initial transfer. Your app will start searching for other receivers. The recipient must tap Receive to begin the transfer process. Later, the file transfer process will use the peer-to-peer connection to transfer the video, so it should be able to transfer the video without problems.

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