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Did you like the selfie so much? Did you want to express yourself more but you can't afford real makeup right now? If that's your case, let YouCam Makeup – Selfie Camera & Magic Makeover, the latest APK 5.55.0 (55502) do the work for you. How does it help us anyway? You have to learn more about it to find out. If that is what you want, you have come to the right place.

YouCam makeup file information

Developer: Perfect Corp.
Version: 5.55.0 (55502)
File size: 89.3 MB
Uploaded: September 11, 2019 at 10:45 a.m. GMT + 07
Requirement: It varies according to the device
MD5: 17e42aaa8d0265bbb22d72262ec523e6
SHA1: 5426cef24144f09492f24b8924e30acdfdfa01ed

Download YouCam Makeup APK 5.55.0

YouCam Makeup APK v5.55.0

YouCam makeup review

In short, this is the makeup application we are talking about here. It has many makeup features for all types of makeup for your face in a photo of you. Of course, you can edit your face, so you can hide the defects that may be there. However, you can also do everything possible to transform your look into creepy doll, comic zombie and many more. For fun, it is the best feature in history. However, you should know. This application helps you update the health of your skin. It gives you score, so you know your skin problems.

We would say that there are a lot of features that you can definitely take advantage of this application. This application is not for fun only after all. The makeup feature itself includes lipstick, contour, eye makeup and blush. Then, you have to watch live streaming makeup tutorials and make the most of it with live chat. There are still daily horoscopes, lucky beauty tips, astrology tips about beauty, social community of beauty circles, real-time image changes and even more to tell here.

How good and bad is this application among its users? You only have customer comments to find the answer to this. There should be advantages and disadvantages shared there. Since it gives you a good perspective on this application, let us list it so you can get to know it better and understand what you can expect from the application.


  • Easy to use application
  • Give confidence boost
  • Help make you look beautiful
  • Great feature to mark your skin


  • Word Count Limitation
  • Only fine eyebrows are offered

How to use

This application surely presents a lot. You must take your time and learn what each function has to offer. Still, we can say that it is worth doing. You already know that there is a selfie editor in YouCam Makeup – Selfie Camera & Magic Makeover for Android, for example. If you touch it, there should be options with which you would need to edit your face, such as lipstick, contour, eye makeup and blush. If you select lipstick, you will get a range of lipstick options at the bottom to choose one. It sure is easy.


  • Optimize the user experience
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

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