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World of Demons Apk Beginner’s Guide & Tips for Android

World of Demons Apk

If you are a mobile RPG fan, you are familiar with DeNA. DeNA has recently launched Fantasica, the tower defense game as same as Dragons World Apk, another new release of the company is the World of Demons Apk an action RPG available for Android devices. World of Demons game set in medieval Japan and is depicted as a “high quality hacking and slash” title that takes control of various samurai and attempts to free your land from evil forces known as sick or evil.

World of Demons Apk beginner’s guide & tips

They once corrupted peaceful monsters and began attacking them. You can get help from your own Yokai Minions with other human players who provide element buffs, attack spells and other special skills to support your character. There are a number of game modes where you can get various types of rewards that are aimed at improving the character and your minion’s effectiveness!

This title is very similar to what you would expect from the best known action RPG for this game. But since we present our demonic strategy guide for beginners to you, we will start from the bottom as we usually do. As soon as we start, we introduce 9 tips and tricks. It would be useful if you want to start the World of Demons Apk and go beyond what you learned in the tutorial step of the game.

1. Basic learning

The world of the devil is an action RPG, as shown in the game description, and initially controls the Onimaru character, a lonely human character who rescues ancient Japan from Oni and the devil. Interestingly, the game will not hack and slash. Since the hacker will have to deal with the game, everything is automatically done with default responsibility. At first, you move the character. However, you can attack more than carrying your own character towards the possessive monsters or monsters you own.

Instead, your main responsibility is to take care of the defense, which means that you can begin timing without catching your Dogget and start a good counterattack. This counterattack is called an Ultima attack, and you can start a more powerful attack than a standard attack by tracking the symbol after a timely and complete dodge-swipe. You will not be left alone in the game because you can get help from a defender who is another character. This will pay for one of World of Demons Apk major currencies, Affinity Stone, five of which can enlist a defender that can activate if the gauge on the left side of the Skirmish screen is fully populated.

You will also have Yokai Minions to help you – the first three to release on the tutorial stage are all the basic characters you will fight in the early days, the demon siege is a monster that can taste rotten and human meat, Often, you can escape from the conversation with the aliens. But it does not actually appear on the battlefield. Instead, it will give you special abilities, spells, and buffs. This ability can be activated again after filling each gauge.

2. Make full use of the power of the element

When the game explains to you, there are five elements in the world of the devil, each of which is one of them, such as the devil or one of your subordinates. For example, Kappa means Yokai with a bluish hue, and Wanyudo means Yokai with a red color. . This is about the Yokai Minion card on the deck, as described above, once the gauge is full it can be used to power or activate the light. The three basic elements are as simple as rock scissors-scissors logic. The fire (red) is stronger than the wind (green), the wind is warmer than the ice (blue), and the ice is the fire.

Thunder (yellow) and shadows (purple) essentially “cancel each other” which “only damage one another”. In other words, you can use Thunder or Shadow Yokai, but if you use a Thunder card, it will be canceled only when playing with Shadow enemies. World of Demons Apk however, you can use it in comparison to other elements unless you use a Yokai mini-card (there are some drawbacks of the element).

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3. Make sure to claim the gift and compensation

The world of evil is a game that is not ashamed of giving a free piece to a player. In general, there are two main ways to do this, the first is to go to the Gifts tab, accessible from the top of the main menu. This usually includes daily sign-in reimbursement, so keep tabs and gifts when the lights on the Gifts tab are turned on. The Rewards tab, on the other hand, allows you to get rewards based on performance subtracted from the game, such as logging in too many consecutive days in the game and completing a certain number of Skirmishes.

We defeated a certain number of Yokai. Interestingly, people at DeNA used somewhat unusual names for this feature. You can take advantage of collecting rewards for achievements. Likewise, if you put your name on the ‘Today’s Request’ tab, you’ll be compensated for completing the timeout task. Do not ignore tabs because you only need to complete one day. Compensation is typically better! (Examples of daily requests include strengthening the Yokai Minion at least once, activating the Ultima attack at least twice, etc.)

4. Connect World of Demons Apk to Facebook

World of Demons game will soon warn about this, and we will do the same. If you remove World of Demons from your mobile device, you should clear the progress and start with a single rectangle on reinstallation. This is the same tutorial step and is the same Skirmishes that must pass in campaign mode of the game. From the top as if you never completed them before. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent that happening. Simply put, connect your game to Facebook.

It’s a bit hard to find it in the Games menu, but if you go to someone else and tap Transferred data, you’ll be given the option to connect your game to Facebook and save your data. This will also give you access to: You switch the device. More importantly, when you remove a game for a variety of reasons, you do not miss the progress and wish to continue with the interruption. You can also access the Introduction screen by tapping the Data Transfer tab at the bottom.

5. Achieving three skirmish goals for maximum reward

When you complete the Skirmishes, you will get the rewards you can use in the recipes for improving Yokai Minion, but there is more to it than being able to win once the battle is over. Beyond the tutorial level, each Skirmish consists of three goals and must meet at least one of them in order to complete successfully. The most basic goal is to complete the Skirmish within a 4-minute time limit.

This reward will be provided in the form of Soul Stones. Soul Stones are used to purchase Beckoning enthusiasts at the Pedler store. The second goal is to complete the Skirmish with the defender World of Demons Apk this is as simple as selecting a defender before starting the battle. Affinity Stones mentioned here are rewarded. It’s not very popular, but you can use homosexual stones to reclaim your character. The third and most difficult thing is to damage more than the amount given during Skirmish.

You will then be rewarded with a common currency of coins or games. I will not complete all these three goals, but I must do my best to do so! Playing this Skirmish and completing the same objectives as you did last time will allow you to return to Skirmish without receiving the same rewards you previously did.

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6. One enemy at a time

The tutorial Skirmishes may seem easy enough, but once the child’s gloves are turned off, you will find yourself against more than one Yokai at a time in many cases. Generally, Skirmish consists of three waves. The first is easy to defeat Yokai, the second is that Yokai is a little harder, and the third is to defeat Yokai. Of course, it is stronger than the previous enemies. We will soon meet bosses. However, if the first waves come from a gang, the best way is to concentrate the fire using one gang at a time.

Remember that only a small fraction of HP is strong enough to keep 100% health. So make sure you focus on the attack. Keeping that way for a long time and reducing HP, you’ll need a lot when fighting against the Red Army in Skirmish.

7. Do you need to focus on that Ultima attack?

We will talk about it and deal with the proverbial elephant in the room. Activating Ultima is not easy. Especially when dealing with multiple enemies in a single wave, it takes a lot of practice because it takes time to avoid enemy attacks completely World of Demons Apk sometimes it can be much easier to attack when you are attacked following a monster. It is to move back and move it for the first time so that it can be completely avoided. There are times when we need to make a perfect delivery and attack Ultima, as we have implied above.

That’s when it’s one of your daily requests. We now know that we do not have to actually do anything other than a daily request. Because we simply got better results with a full-scale attack. In other words, a character may lose more stamina in the process, but most of the time you may lose most of the gold without completing that requirement in Skirmish (in most cases the game is a common currency.

8. Defender participation

Not only is it helpful to enlist the defenders, but you can also complete one of three goals given at the start of the squash. These are all human players, who set your expectations in advance, but control the artificial intelligence of the game, not the players themselves. Unfortunately, that means they will not have a smart fight. But at least you will not be alone. This is especially true when you encounter multiple monsters that are impossible to evade all at once.

That means you should not rely exclusively on defenders. It usually takes about 10 seconds (depending on the level, it can last longer). Finally, there is too much to activate Ultima. Even if it does not help much, you should take advantage of what helps you get out there!

9. Do not improve Yokai minions and improve your weapons

If you complete more Skirmishes, you will find yourself facing more difficult challenges, which means that your weapons and the Yokai ministry will all need to overtake. Naturally, you will also give you some preferences and unlock some of the new features we will discuss later in the guide. But the main thing here is heading to the blacksmith and Yokai Minions screens. In World of Demons Apk strengthen weapons and minions. Materials for both are needed, and previous data, Magatama beads, can be obtained by completing Daily Skills.

We will also handle it later. In the latter case, the material needed for the enhanced recipe can be obtained by completing achievements and stiffness. Improving Yokai Minions strengthens Yokai Arts – The skills and buffs mentioned in the world of this evil guide have a clearer effect when dealing with enemies during Skirmish!