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World Cricket Championship 2 APK Download Latest Version 2.7

World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2, wcc 2 game download latest version 2.7. Are you a fan of cricket games,?If so, good news. You can enjoy cricket games with your palms anytime and anywhere.

World Cricket Championship 2 game

WCC 2 cricket is the latest APK 2.7 (52). This cricket game is an advanced 3D game that you can download for free from your Android device. Play cricket shots like Upper-Cut, Helicopter, and the famous Del-scoop to play as a professional cricket player.

You can also customize your player and banner to cheer your team through this game. In addition, you can experience sparkling animations such as new camera angles, new controls, and cricket stadiums.

Review of World Cricket Championship 2 APK

Before downloading this game, you need to know what a cricket game is. Developers will be pleased with this game graphics by adding more than 100 motion capture animations. The quality of the stadium and player model is excellent. Although there are a few flaws in the game, I can not compare the good graphics of this game with other cricket games on Windows Mobile, iOS and Android.

You can also enjoy games on older devices with the same graphic quality, with little noticeable delay. You can set the camera angle from the “Batman behind” angle and the “Baller tip camera” angle. World Cricket Championship 2 APK there are two control systems in this game: “Classic” and “Pro.

Classic” is a common control system for Android games. In the meantime, “Pro” is more attractive, so you can shoot in any direction with just one finger. You can also get a complete tutorial that is easily understood by this control system. However, the flaws in this game are in response and accuracy.

You can find the right gameplay for this game. You can bowl with different speeds and changes. If you consistently hit a shot in one direction, AI team’s defense change may occur frequently.

Advantages 🙂

Good graphics to add realism A deep world of crickets Disadvantages : Unlocking some features is costly Some features are not available in the mobile version.

How to play WCC 2 APK

If you have found some difficulties in World Cricket Championship 2 for Android, there are a few tips you can use to get coins to use this game and new features. While you can get 8 coins every 6 times, you can get one coin per battle.

You can also make coins from bowling. You can give 50 coins to all the girls during bowling, and you can generate 100 coins for each hat-trick bowling. You can also collect coins to advance to the next level of any tournament by winning the tournament.

Features of World Cricket Championship 2 Apk

Player customization, Gameplay enhancements, More than 125 new animations, Six new tournaments, 5 new stadiums. World Tour, Options to change your favorite team, Overdrive, pay per use in stadiums and tournaments, Game highlights in Challenge, Plywood with a sticker

Custom In App Purchase Offers

Congratulations Trophy Presentation, Man of the Match & Man of the Series, 18 new betting shots, 5 new bowling actions, Animation Spectator, Game Sounds, More than 200 enhancements. World Cricket Championship 3, might come soon.

WCC 2018 game download file size (23.7MB)

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