War Robots

This is a Pixonic game that has recently been present on Android devices. Previously, this Walking War game was first released on iOS devices in June 2016, and it turns out that this game has been downloaded more than 2 million times in the App Store. This game was released in several countries in August 2017, but the latest APK 5.3.0 (11350) of War Robot was released worldwide. Imagine guys, we play while using war robots and fight against other players in real time, very excited, right?

Archive information of war robots

Developer: PIXONIC
Version: 5.3.0 (11350)
File size: 94.9 MB
Uploaded: August 15, 2019 at 2:56 PM GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and higher
MD5: 2ebed3868d6b96d50db3ecb2a9c01433
SHA1: 7d48b54ficsoftfdd8577ae0c20bc3eed8cbbe5474c

Download War Robots APK 5.3.0

War Robots APK v5.3.0

War Robot Review

The concept of this game is to equip the robot you have with several weapons and join the other players in multiplayer battles 6 vs. 6. At the end of the campaign, players will get EXP and also two potential coins in this game: Silver and Gold.

Silver can be used to buy equipment and robots, and can also be used to upgrade weapons. You can get silver if you complete several objectives during battle, while gold can also be obtained during the campaign that can be won by winning the game and winning a medal. This game provides 13 unique robots that can be purchased and each robot certainly has different statistics. And it provides 19 weapons that can be combined in your robot. It also offers a beautiful graphic display. It is an exciting game to play, however, like the other games, this game also has advantages and disadvantages, for example:


  • Funny, not too complicated
  • Fast and easy
  • Clean interface


  • Difficult to achieve the objective of the opposing team
  • Hard to get premium bonuses

How to play

At the beginning of the game in War Robot for Android, you immediately served sophisticated robots with weapons on the right and left arm. Each team has 6 players, and in each arena, there are 5 publications that you can conquer. I think playing this game is killing the opposing team, but in fact, we also have to take advantage of every position in the arena. As I feel confident, I went straight to the opponent's base.

In fact, I managed to kill two players from the opposing team. But due to my claim, the robot it controlled was destroyed and the worse our team loses, the bad start is the point. Learning from my previous mistakes, I tried to play again. In this second game, I went directly to the nearest post to pick up and defend the post. I went to the post while a person accompanied me from my team and we got the post.

Since we already have 3 posts with a distance close enough to the opponent's area, we play safely attacking the enemy from a distance. When the enemy stepped forward and was provoked to attack our friend, we immediately protected him by attacking the enemy. And it turns out that this strategy works, and the enemy falls one by one.


  • MAIN FEATURE: OPERATIONS. Get free loot and exclusive items that allow you to stand out!
  • NEW ROBOTS: Extra heavy Behemoth and Teleporter Phantom
  • NEW MODULES: Fortifier (passive), Phase change (active)
  • BALANCE UPDATE: adjustments to Raven, Ares, Last Stand and more (full notes on
  • ONLY CONVENIENT THINGS: redesigned post-combat results, detachable paint jobs and more
  • Various optimization settings
  • Minor bug fixes

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