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Vysor Android control on PC APK Download Latest Version

Vysor Android control on PC APK download latest version smartphones are the best device for accessing the Internet, apps, and games. Today, people do not have to use a laptop or PC to perform basic tasks such as messaging, games, and photo editing. But there are many things that smartphones can not replace.

Download Vysor Android control on PC APK latest version

Some people like to work on a PC, but they also want to connect to their phone. This is where the Android control is in the correct position in the Vysor-PC latest APK (1512630000). After you connect your Android-based smartphone to your PC, you can easily access all your applications. When the integration process is complete, the smartphone screen appears on the desktop. There is no need to synchronize the emulator or third-party device, except for some drivers that can be tuned for hardware compatibility.

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About Vysor Android control on PC APK file

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  • Developer: ClockworkMod
  • Version: (1512630000)
  • File size: 2.8 MB
  • Uploaded: December 21, 2017 2:47 PM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.1+
  • MD5: 05de46670f9d078e0b0e131d8a1a133a
  • SHA1: 89cf7e228778968d9862929a5620d452e2bc64c3

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Review Vysor Android control on PC APK

Android is an operating system for Android devices. This does not mean that you can not use your laptop to access this system. After Android appears on the majority of mobile device systems, some developers want to integrate their apps into their PCs. In addition, Android can be used as an operating system for PCs and laptops. You can find tablets that are close to laptops these days, but they do not have enough performance. That’s the challenge. Well, this app will help Android users to use their PC to access their device. It’s like the mirror mode from smartphone to desktop PC. You may be familiar with the casting process when watching movies on Android connected to your TV.

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Very similar, but the PC replaces tab, touch, and swap modes. As you know, a big issue in using Android on your PC is touch accessibility. Some functions take a tab and change it to work. Conversely, most desktop PCs and laptops still use the older method. The main function of this app is to connect Android to your PC. Use your smartphone to make presentations. Only a handful of projectors can be synchronized with your smartphone. So this app is useful for extending the screen to a PC and connecting it to a projector. The full version of this application provides full-screen mode when accessing your PC.

Advantages :

This is useful as a secondary screen. You can access more apps with your mouse and one-click. Disadvantages There is a hardware compatibility issue with the older devices. You can not adjust the screen unless you get a paid version.

How to use Vysor Android control on PC App

Vysor Android control on PC APK makes it easy to connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop. Your smartphone requires this app and your PC requires a Chrome-based app. A universal driver is required to recognize handheld devices. Then wait until the synchronization process is complete. It works perfectly when both devices come from the same manufacturer. The smartphone screen is displayed on the desktop. In portrait mode, it is a long rectangle. Use your mouse or touchpad on your laptop to point to the app. Replaces common tabs and swaps on smartphones. The paid version of this app has the ability to perform full screen mode. Vivid graphics can be similar to what you would normally see on a smartphone.

Change log

Updated adb binaries
Customize window colors (for presentations)
Fix boot conflict

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