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Void Troopers Game Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Void Troopers game an action-action clicker game created for mobile devices in Appxplore. This game features amazing visuals reminiscent of an old-fashioned arcade shooting game as same as Shadow Fight 3 Game, the story is pretty simple. An alien race called Zurloc is causing confusion across the galaxy. And it is your job to stop them from running.

Void Troopers Game Beginner’s Guide & Tips for Android

You must tap the screen to attack alien invaders because it is a clicker game. Of course, this will be automated later when you uninstall the upgrade. You must assemble the fighter fleet to defend your galaxy. Collect the captains and send them to the expedition to get more gold. Unlock and upgrade powerful weapons to help remove alien troops. Once you meet with another boss, you need all the help you can get. Void Troopers Apk make sure you are ready as you read tricks, tips and strategies!

1. Get a lot of gold

Gold is the default currency for Void Troopers and you need a lot of money to be successful. There are many ways to get gold. The easiest way is to simply be aggressive. Every time you kill an entire wave, you automatically receive a lot of gold. The more enemies you kill, the more gold you get. You do not even have to burn them. They will be taken to your pocket as soon as you kill the aliens. Watching video ads can increase your income by 50% per hour. The second way to get a gold medal in the game is through the captain. As mentioned earlier, you can send the captain of your expedition to earn money during your exile.

Tap the compass icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, select your trip, and click Send. Each expedition has a timer. The higher the compensation, the higher the timer. Accept the ad proposal to make your journey faster and more profitable. The last way to get more gold from Void Troopers game trustworthy but still worth it. This is a free gold reward given every few hours by the game. Not really much, but seeing the exponential growth of upgrade costs helps every additional income.

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2. How to get gems and time gems

There are two additional types of calls in the game. The first one is the gem and the premium currency of the game. You can use it to release a temporary boost or exchange more gold. It is advisable to avoid using precious gemstones for these temporary items because it is difficult to get them free of charge. Complete your achievements and defeat your daily boss to get a gem. In the top right corner of the screen, you can see that there is an achievement waiting to be prompted. A better way to use this gem is to purchase permanent upgrades such as Time Orb gain, Damage, and Gold gain.

The last type of call is Time of Day. You have to write this to get even stronger in the game. It works similarly to the prestige option of most other clicker games. You can go back in time and start again, but you can purchase a permanent upgrade option. Because the boss drops the time bonus, it takes time to collect the bonus. If you want to skip time travel, you have to write 500 jewels.

3. Unlock new technology in Void Troopers Game

Traveling back in time, or traveling without using 500 jewels, is a time consuming technique that can be purchased. These are permanent upgrades that greatly increase your overall combat power, allowing you to further develop in the next run. Time can tempt you to save Orbs, but it is really best to send them every time you get a chance. They will only delay the game. You will find that wasting time to save for one big technology purchase is not really a hassle.

4. Fleet upgrade

Each ship in your fleet, including your primary vehicle, has its own upgrade kit. They also have different strengths and weaknesses. Pay attention to the details of each vessel before investing heavily. When you upgrade your ship, your goal is eventually reaching level 500. It is a long way in considering the mental cost of upgrading from higher dimensions. The good news is that you will be able to demonstrate new abilities at a certain milestone level. In other words, it will still be strong, even if you do not set the level to 500 right away.

One of the things you need to consider when upgrading your ship is whether you want to concentrate on the original ship or invest in more squads. The answer depends on the type of player you are currently in. If you play aggressively, you can focus on the main spaceship. If you are passive, you can let the rest of your team do the dirty work Void Troopers game however, upgrading your Milestone to your primary ship can also benefit your fleet.

Secure your primary ship at level 50 or higher as soon as possible. At that point you will receive an increase in your Tap Damage equal to 1% of the Fleet’s damage. Upgrading the remaining auxiliary cubicles can result in greater tap damage. Be sure to invest well when it comes to knocking the boss as it can make a big difference in tap damage.

5. Do you have to invest in a special attack?

This is another important black hole for gold, so it is important to ask if you should invest. Special attacks are an active skill that can wipe out many enemies. The boss is included. Whether you need to invest in it depends on how aggressively you play. If you do a lot, you can invest a lot because you use it often. If you do not use your device often, you only need to buy a basic special attack, so you will have a sleeve in a rare moment of playing the game.

6. How to beat your boss

As mentioned earlier, your tap damage will play a big role in defeating the bosses. Passive attacks are often not enough to defeat the boss. Eventually, you will need to tap hard on the screen until you are defeated. If you know that there is still no damage in spite of being actively knocking on the screen, Void Troopers game you should make your fleet play with a small timer for a while to get more gold. Upgrade your fleet a few more times and challenge the boss again.

Another way to beat the boss is to use a special attack. If you have invested a minimal amount in a particular attack, you must have enough to take out the boss. Special attacks take a long time to charge. In general, do not waste them. Otherwise you will not finish anything until you reach the boss.


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