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V Live Broadcasting APK Download Latest Version 2.4.2

V Live Broadcasting APK download latest version 2.4.2 this application is one of the great apps that will be useful to people who want to watch personal broadcast video coming from their favorite celebs, and they can get easily through their phone.

Download V Live Broadcasting APK latest version

Yes, V-Live Broadcast The latest APK 2.4.2 (2420) is now one of the most downloaded apps. With this app, Android smartphone users can follow their favorite nouns, watch videos, add comments, feel, and more. We are confident that it would be nice to get updated status and news from this app’s favorite celebs.

About V Live Broadcasting APK file

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  • Developer: NAVER Corp.
  • Version: 2.4.2 (2420)
  • File size: 44.2 MB
  • Uploaded: January 22, 2018 10:15 GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Varies by device
  • MD5: 57384ecb95bdd77cecffe33e5a4a517f
  • SHA1: 9f89727a0e94f1240bf127f62577efb23a6b4c9e

Review V Live Broadcasting APK

This app was developed by NAVER Corp. On Google Play, your app gets 4.3 stars for evaluation. Your app appears to be your favorite, and many users are happy with your app. The application has good graphics. The amazing graphics of V-Live Broadcasting make your app look great and beautiful. Use light colors as white as the base color. On the other hand, the app navigation menu is complete. Large-sized, easy to operate by the user. Easy to follow channel For some celebrity lovers, V-Live Broadcasting is the right app. This app allows users to follow their favorite nouns. Knowing the nature of a noun and knowing what your favorite noun is doing every day will be a good way to do it.

If you watch Celeb’s videos many times, you can get high levels like ‘Chemical Beats’. V Live Broadcasting APK download free many popular channels There are many popular channels in the app. The types of channels you can find are Big Bang, Infinite, BTOB, CNBA, 2PM and so on. You can then use this app to find the most popular videos of celebrities. You look good? Schedule I am sure you want to know the dates of my favorite celebrities. Well, V-Live Broadcast will soon give you information on what your celebrities want to do next. There will be events that can not be ignored!

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Advantages :

Amazing and clean graphics You can enjoy full functionality. Quick video updates Disadvantages Video resolution issues Actual money is required to complete the function.

How to use V Live Broadcasting APK

Using V – Live Broadcasting is actually quite simple. You can download it directly from Google Play and open it directly here. Please add a Google Account for verification. Without confirmation, the app will not be fully usable. There is a navigation menu within the app. Click the navigation menu to find cool features for your app such as video channels, celeb names, up-to-date news, up-to-date videos, and more. To follow a noun, find the name and click Follow. If you watch the video several times, you will get points to enjoy additional functions.

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