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Trivia Crack APK Download Latest Version 2.58.2

Trivia Crack APK download latest version 2.58.2 is an implied quiz game that challenges players and friends from around the world on different topics.

Download Trivia Crack APK latest version

Immediately after the game was released, millions of players downloaded it. Since there is no similar game, it became popular immediately. Moreover, the platform has been developed at an exceptional pace since players can participate in fun around the world. Gradually, developers began adding more exclusive features as other games began to ship. Players who are addicted to this game still sit on the top-level list of the game for quite a long time.

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  • Developer: Etermax
  • Version: 2.58.2 (223)
  • File size: 86.3 MB
  • Uploaded: February 7, 2018 9:47 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Varies by device
  • MD5: 6cceff0e56369f22d55112c8cb2c8224
  • SHA1: 41d0106b72279f47cbd1b0a28a4ab6dc27e41429

Trivia Crack APK reviews

As soon as the app starts, you will be asked to link your social media account. It is a useful way to find your friends are also playing. If you create an account in the game using an email address, you can sync on all devices, depending on the progress of the game. Once your account is created, you can briefly summarize how it works. There is an arrow pointing to the button, which has overlapping descriptive text similar to other game apps. Whether you start a game with a friend or a random player, each player answers the question in turn. Trivia Crack APK free download questions are categorized into six categories. You can also submit questions through the game, translate them into other languages, or respond to other questions you have submitted. You can also complete an exclusive series of cards with the gems from the correct answer, or purchase them through the game shop. In conclusion, here are the pros and cons of playing quiz cracks for Android.

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Advantages :

It is an interesting question that is myriad. The game has the ability to suggest your own questions. You can use multiple languages. You can chat with other players. There is a set of collection cards. You can learn new things while playing fun games. Disadvantages Some technologies can only be acquired through in-app purchases.

How to play Trivia Crack

Classic and Challenge are two modes of gameplay. In Classic mode, each player has the opportunity to answer as many questions as possible. Each time a turn begins, you must wait for the wheels to turn and reach a certain category of land. Trivia Crack APK for Android accept categories or rotate them again. Extra spins can be obtained from in-app purchases Next, four possible answers will be revealed with each question. The response time is 30 seconds and the countdown timer is displayed in the top corner. Please tap and submit the selected answer before the time is over. If you have the correct answer, you can turn the wheel back. We’ll send a notification to the other player, so you’ll get the wrong answer.

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