Top Best Android Games Under 5MB

Looking for a very light Android game with less than 5 MB? If so, take a look at the list of top Android games below 5MB. Free and offline, addictive and time-sensitive. There are many reasons to install lightweight Android games below 5MB, such as low space, low cost devices.

Top Best Android Games Under 5MB overview

Or you may not want to play heavy games on your Android device. Today we need to share a top Android game of 5MB or less.


5MBSpeedMoto is the best popular Android game from 5MB SpeedMoto is an old moto racing Android game below 5MB that rides motorcycle shuttles from forests, snow, mountains, bridges, and more places. What you need to do in this game is to swap your phone, control the motto direction, tap the screen to speed up your motto and collect coins.

Get high scores to climb the top of the leaderboard in one of the top best Android games below 5MB. It’s a very popular game with 3D graphics effects and over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Download – here [Google Play Store].


The best Android game on 5mb SpeedCar is another racing game for SpeedMoto developers. Steer your car with one finger. The skew function is for controlling the direction of the car. To accelerate, tap the screen. However, do not install this game if you have the latest Android OS installed. Download – here [Google Play Store].

Zombie Smasher

5mb Zombie Smasher’s best Android game is a simple yet challenging Android game that keeps your zombie secretly home. You can kill zombies by pressing them. You can also use special power-ups to complete the task. You have to kill them all before they can smash your door. This is one of the most addictive and fast-paced top best Android games.

In this game, you can play three modes: Story mode, Survival mode and Time mode. Fight against a wide variety of enemies such as general-purpose zombies, dogs, oil workers, gangs, ghosts, babies and fat bosses. Download – here [Google Play Store].

Mouse Game

The mouse game is one of the best Android publishers to publish many top Android games with less than 5 MB. Ninja Dash – 5MB or less Android Games In RPG, the goal is to play as a ninja and run as far as possible. Jump quickly through obstacles, collect weapons, and see how far you can run. Download – here [Google Play Store].

Unblock Car – 5MbUnblock The best Android game on the car is one of the best Android games under 5MB. The goal is to move the other car to another car and get the red car from the 6×6 grid filled with cars. Way. Download – here [Google Play Store].

Cooking Master – Top best Android Games Less than 5 MB In this game you select food, cook with a frying pan, tap to place food and serve your order. Download – here [Google Play Store].

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Puran Software

Puran Software is a team of great developers who have posted many top Android games less than 5 MB in the Google Play Store with over a million downloads. Archey Blac (2.9MB) – The best Android game below 5mb is a classic mini Android game where you shoot your arrows with your bow to shoot your target. It is a simple and fun archery game under 5 MB. Download – here [Google Play Store].

Cricket Black (2MB) – The ultimate Android game “Cricket Black” from 5mbOne, the brightest size cricket in the Google Play Store, is a great fun game to compete against other players in high ranks. Download – here [Google Play Store].

Football Black – The best Android game below 5mb is another great soccer game that aims to shoot the ball into the ball. You can tap to play this game. Download – here [Google Play Store].

Google Play Games

The Google Play Games app is a built-in Android application that includes some offline games and does not require downloading. Doodle Cricket – 5MB or less Best Android Games In this cricket game, you just hit the ball to get out of bounds. Try to score high. These are the Top best Android games under 5MB. We will update this post with a new Android game of 5MB or less per month. You can also check out the latest Android game release information here.



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