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Toon Blast APK Download Latest Version 2771

Toon Blast APK download latest version 2771 is one of the funny cartoon puzzle adventures that will make people very entertaining. This game is unique and easy to play, so you can enjoy your day with the game.

Download Toon Blast APK latest version

The creators of this game show that the game comes with the ultimate puzzle and is a unique gameplay. You will get endless pleasure in this game. In addition, the graphics quality of this game is also good because there are cool animations to support the game. The features of the game will help the player win easily in this game.

Toon Blast APK file information

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  • Developer: Peak Games
  • Version: 2771 (2771)
  • File size: 69MB
  • Uploaded: February 27, 2018 9:24 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
  • MD5: e911416898bd64877e033e76cad59465
  • SHA1: 69da48d3b03f0ed72e01c6feb868808d0178f2c3

Toon Blast APK reviews

When you start this game you will see a crazy cartoon world. Some characters are available in the game, including Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, and Bruno Bear. In this game you load odd and challenging levels. What do you do in this game? You have to explode the cube and create a powerful combo at the pass level. Toon Blast APK for android besides, you also need to solve puzzles that can help the toon gang to the level you want in the magic world. Joining the toughest adventure will help you get the best explosion in the game. Because the game is a cartoon, you can watch cool animation as a game. It looks simple, but good for games. Graphics also help people enjoy the game. Visual effects and sound effects make you very enjoyable.

Game features

You will be satisfied with the game features of this game. In this game you can collect stars by completing the levels to earn wonderful levels. In addition, you can also complete the tone by challenging levels. This will unlock new episodes. The impressive game you see in this game is that you can create your own team and compete with others who can dominate the puzzle world. Toon Blast APK free playing this game on Android is impressive. However, games can make you very entertaining on your Android, but it also has the advantages and disadvantages you need to know. The advantages and disadvantages of the game are as follows.

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Advantages :

The game has nice graphics. It has 50 new levels The game is easy and fun. This game is easy to sync from Android. Disadvantages To get a new game, you need to gradually update the game.

How to play Toon Blast APK

To play Toon Blast for Android, here are some tips to help you play. First, choose the best character cartoons in the game. After that, do some deep adventure to get the stars because they will give you more rewards. Creating a group will allow you to enjoy more games without difficulty.

Change log

  1. Enjoy 50 new levels! Mysterious circles of crop fields, strange lights sparkling in the night sky
  2. When UFOs
  3. visit the countryside, it’s a weird thing at a country farm!
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