Thrones Kingdom of Elves Medieval

Tapps Games aired a new card-based strategy game called “Thrones Kingdom of Elves Medieval Game for Android”. All of you have recently started on the Google Play store because you know about Reigns – Your Majesty. But it is not free. If you do not want to spend money, you can go to “Royal: Elven Kingdom – Medieval Game”. Bid Wars – Tapps game after Pawn Empire posted this card game and it is very cool like Reigns game.

Thrones Kingdom of Elves Medieval Game Overview

How to Throne: Kingdom Fairy – Medieval in this type of game you have to make a wise decision. Many people come to you for advice and permission. All you have to do is understand their problems and opinions and make the following wise decisions: In the case of Tholamin Mole Eye, the excavator tells us – the way the dark elves can help us in the mines is superior in the ability to see in the dark.

You must have an option to choose – meaning swiping the card – you do not want this action. Swiping the right card can be meaningful. Your answers – maybe some of them can help you. Scene 2: – Experts Allutrana Cogviper – Speaking Unfortunately, the elves are too primitive. You need to use more machines. Swipe to the left – we do not want the machine. Swipe right – send some devices to Google. 20 years, 30 years … You have to make a wise decision in order to last your reign.

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As the ruler of the kingdom of the elven elves, swipe left or right to make tough decisions. Manage the interests and needs of diverse societies, including elves, humans, and dwarves. Protect priests, wizards, thieves, merchants, nobles, bard, and barbarians during your reign. Think long and hard about your duties and make the right choices to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

Keep your rules in wisdom and keep the dynasty prosperous and long-lived, taking note of council counsel. Last word of the throne: The Elven Kingdom – Medieval Games Overall, this is a great card-based strategy game and similar to game rule. Become a strong elven king and make tough decisions to maintain your power.



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