Thrill Rush APK Guide & Tips

Thrill Rush Apk a new title for Spil Games, a sequel to Uilill Rush, that emits a fun adrenaline ride on the best roller coasters on the go with mobile devices nearby same as like Uphill Rush Racing APK, the game is packed with thrilling tracks with all the crazy imaginable elements. Long jumps, upset twist turns, and gorgeous routes filled with exciting riding.

Thrill Rush APK Guide & Tips for Android

This game features a pretty gorgeous art style that definitely matches the thrill rush. Everything is twinkling, everything just requires you another ride. We have to say that the game will look pretty attractive. Thrill Rush is full of original tracks spread across two entirely different worlds. Beginning the game is easy to explain with happy luck. Progressing and unlocking a new track can make the game very difficult. Of course you can end your track without much effort, but getting a 3-star rating will become increasingly difficult.

Fortunately, all you need to do to maintain these three star ratings is to focus on the early stages of the game and get a perfect rating. I will explain why this is important later. We should play Thrill Rush Apk experience each track, and say with a little effort, a lot of patience and precision, we can make every single track an ace. Stay with us and find a way to make all the tracks found in thrill rush an ace.

1. Speed is important but do not tip

Each track is a joy to ride on, but the first couple tracks can not do anything with holding the gas button anymore, but the thrill rush gets trickier later on. Therefore, it is better to accelerate than to pedal the metal to prevent the head from rising too fast. Instead, be careful not to tilt. Buttons that control stability are on the left side of the screen and are always good to use.

High stability Be careful because the stability control is very sensitive while riding the cart. In thrill rushes, if you have a slight slope on one side, you can always turn the card upside down and restart the track at the checkpoint, so always try to get to a flat ground.

2. Focus on getting 3 star rating

Collect money and diamonds later Thrill Rush Apk full of amazing tracks with many paths, hidden areas and lots of coins and diamonds. However, since most are hidden, it is best to break through the tracks first and get a three-star rating. When you access the track, you can play it repeatedly until you have collected all of the hidden diamonds across the rails.

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3. The three-tier rating is very important

In this game you can use special boxes with three stars, new carts, new characters, gold coins and diamonds. Because there are many different types of carts and characters in your chest, you should aim for a 3-star rating. Because the chest can contain fairly fast carts and skilled characters. Better carts and better-skilled characters will get tens of thousands of coins, so you will not get the coins early. However, it can be said that the chest can contain very powerful carts and characters.

And since these chests can only be used when raising ace levels (get 3 stars), it is very important to finish the first few levels with perfect levels. This is because you can provide good riding and characters and make the level much easier later. ace. Since you can open your chest whenever you get a 3-star rating, you can get the most powerful rides and characters in the game, so you can finish all the levels found in thrill rush with perfect grades.

4. The level editor is great for practice in Thrill Rush Apk

Thrill Rush has a powerful level editor that allows you to configure all the tracks you imagine. This is good because it can really create creativity and create a very difficult level of testing skills to the limit. This allows you to practice at a rather difficult level, making the game much easier. If you experience a particularly difficult step in a single player campaign, you can do it because you’ve already done more difficult steps in the game’s level editor.

5. It is clear that watching a movie doubles the prize

After each step, the game suggests that you watch a video ad to double the coins you earned at that level. And in most games, the amount of coins you can acquire within a level is so small that it is not worth it. Thrill Rush is a completely different story. In this game you can collect a couple of coins to get a new cart or game character to see if doubling the number of coins is worth it.

6. Saving coins for upgrade

The game is pretty generous with a box of boxes that you can get by giving a three-star rating on the level, so it’s best not to use coins for new carts and characters. It is best to wait to get a strong cart or character (let’s say all statistics are 13-15 or higher). Then use the saved coin to upgrade your stats Thrill Rush Apk as we said, it’s very easy to get a powerful ride and character that makes it easy to make almost every level with an ace. So save the coins until you find the level that you can not lose and upgrade your stats.

Also, once you have a fast cart and skilled character, it’s a good idea to come back to the previous level, where you could not get three stars. This not only gives you more coins, but also opens more chests. Some have better rides and characters.

7. Do not use in game boost
This game gives you various backing to use before you start riding. We recommend not to use it because it is not strong enough to raise the price with diamonds. Use only when it is not possible to complete the level. Because the Boost is quite expensive and can only be won with coins.


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