Tap Empire APK Tips & Strategies Guide

Tap Empire Apk the smash hit songwriter’s non-stop article introduces a new idle Clicker game, that’s out of the ordinary genre format. Flaregames’ new mobile title, Tap Empire, is a bigger type of game that turns the situation by splitting the game into levels and regions, rather than a monotonous loop of the same menu.

Tap Empire APK Tips & Strategies Guide for Android

This game puts you in the inventor’s magic shoes. After working hard to make a robot for Mr. Bossworth, he fires you and informs him that he will drop the robot on the ground. After deciding to save valuable work from abuse, he decides to start his own shop in his shop and win Bosworth. Unfortunately, the world of business is not forgiving. Kicking Bossworth in Kim VIllage is just the beginning of the problem.

There will be many shops to build and more competitors Tap Empire, do not worry, we will help you along the way, we have come up with some great tips, tricks and cheats provided with the Empire Guides!

1. Open the Infinite Toolbox

One of the magic items to initially unlock is the Toolbox of Infinity. An orange toolbox that gives rewards every seven hours. Log in to Tap Empire Apk every 7 hours to claim your reimbursement, since the timer will not start again until you claim your current prizes. The toolbox is located at the top right of the main map. The timer can also be viewed directly below the Toolbox icon, so you can see how much time remains until the next reimbursement is claimed. Toolbox rewards include jewelry and sponsorship, so you can purchase them in two ways.

2. Use the affluent wisely

There are three types of boost in Tap Empire first is Speed Boost, which speeds up corporate production. High-speed boost increases production speed by 20% for 6 hours. Turbo Speed Boost increases production speed by 35% for 12 hours. Nitro Speed boost increases production by 50% for 24 hours. The second type is a coin boost. This increases the amount of coins you earn in each business. Super Coin Boost boosts your income by 25% for 6 hours.

Mega Coin Boost boosts your income by 50% for 12 hours. Ultra Coin Boost boosts your income by 100% for 24 hours. These two types of Boost affect only one business at a time, so choose the best business Tap Empire APK the last type of Boost is Time Warping. You can instantly charge all your stores for fast, so you can charge a lot of money instantly. Temporal Warp gives you 4 hours of income.

The Chrono Warp offers 12 hours of value. Infinity Warp gives you 48 hours of income. All of these boosts are useful, but they usually cost to buy. To maximize the use of jewelry, do not use it only in boost packs, nor in personal boosts.

3. Goals of Shop Level Milestones

You can lift your store up to the cap shown on the green arrow icon. Whenever you make your shop even, it makes more coins. You will also receive a larger bonus for every 10 levels. In other words, instead of upgrading each store the same, you should prioritize the tenth level. Prioritize leveling one shop at a time so you can earn this bonus before moving to the next store.

4. Do not forget to upgrade Tap Empire APK

Tap the bar at the top of the screen to see a list of upgrades. Some upgrades affect individual stores, but other upgrades affect all stores. Buy upgrades and level your store to maximize your progress. Purchased upgrades will continue to the next level in the same region, so they will still be useful once you’ve completed all the tasks at the current level. If possible, disable the upgrade to automate production in your store. This will allow you to make money without constantly tapping the screen.

5. How to win business competition

Business duel will avoid pits with other businessmen and the goal is to complete all goals within the time limit. This is the same as a boss battle in the game, and if successful, the current region’s infinite mode is released. In other words, you can make as many coins as you want in your area. You can not use the money you earn from one region to buy elsewhere, but you can spend to achieve the results you will discuss later.

The first business duel conflicts with Bossworth at level 6 and you are given 24 hours to complete the task. Do not worry because it is pretty easy. You can complete it in 10 minutes. Tap Empire APK focus on achieving your goals as soon as possible. Press it whenever you have an upgrade. Not only will you be closer to achieving your goals, but you can make money faster. You have the option to spend more time by spending your gems.

Do not do this until you do not make it in time. Gems are the premium currency of the Tap Empire and they are difficult to come by. It is better not to waste it when it is possible to win a duel without spending more time.

6. Completion of your achievement

Achievements can be found in the same menu as the upgrade. Scroll down to find that there is a gold item in the upgrade list. This area is an achievement that can unlock the current zone. All unlocked achievements are rewarded with an asterisk. If you get all the stars in one area, you will get big rewards.

7. Send all your Magic TV opportunities

When you reach level 9, you will be introduced to Magic TV. This is a special item to get boosts and freebies in return for watching video ads in Tap Empire APK you can view up to 12 ads per day, so use them all. Viewing an ad within a level turns off any boost for any store. If you still have time remaining, do not worry about using Magic TV at the previous level as Boost will take you to the next level in your area. You can also see multiple levels of ads as long as you have videos left over. In other words, all the boost slots in the store can be filled in one place.

8. Go to the next step

When you play at an endless level, you can continue to make money by staying for the upgrade without completing one of your tasks. It sounds like a good idea, but it’s not really worth it. The new level has a maximum store level higher than the last level. In other words, even if you spend the same amount of time, you will have higher profit potential in the next step. Even if you purchase another upgrade in the near future, do not stay on the same level for too long. Anyway, you can move money to the next level of the same level, so you can buy.

9. Review the endless level

Do not forget the previous unlimited levels that you unlocked as you progress through the levels. Since the game does not have full offline revenue, you must return to an endless level to claim money from your store while away. The good news is that these stores continue to earn even if you do just another level Tap Empire APK when you get back to them, you also have the option to see another video ad to double what you got while you are away.

Make the most of this as much as you can to maximize your income. Do not worry because this will not consume your magical TV chances, so you can still use them for boosting.

10. Unlocking a permanent upgrade

can unlock Tech Workshop by getting a second star in Kim ‘s Village. Here you can enable permanent upgrades for your store. Upgrades here do not cost anything outside of time. You can use jewelery to speed up the upgrade process, but it will be a waste if you can wait. Initially, you can only access the upgrade rate for each store. To access other upgrade types, you’ll need to unlock more stars.

Do not worry, there are a lot of upgrades in the speed category. The first upgrade always lasts for 1 hour. The time it takes to upgrade is increased for each level. It is best to queue a simple upgrade during the day, so you can revert to another job as soon as you finish. For example, if you wait for a 1 hour speed upgrade of Taco Truck and come back later, you will be in the 1 hour speed upgrade queue in Recording Studio.

This will allow you to complete more upgrades during the day. You can then queue up the longest upgrade at night when you log off briefly before going to bed.

11. Join the event for compensation

When you complete level 11, you can access the event. Warp to another dimension within the allotted time and play a series of levels. Since events typically take a few days, you have to go back and forth between the earth and the alternate dimension. While it does a lot of work, you stand to win many jewels and other rewards depending on how far you have gone. Initially, only one alternate world is accessible.

Further on Tap Empire Apk will bring more worlds and events. In order to receive more rewards, you should spend time participating in this event. Also, because you are more interested in these alternative levels, use all of the Magic TV charges to help you progress more in a limited time.

12. Golden Rim Filling

Defeat the Bossword for the second time to unlock the Golden Rim. This is a magical item to improve the coin production of all stores. First tap on the Golden Rims in the top right corner of the screen. Press the Activate button and you will be prompted to select one of the four rims. Your choice will determine how much boost you will get. You can then charge the bonus for up to 3 hours by pressing the button repeatedly. If you are lucky enough to get as high a boost as possible, try to survive by remembering to recharge the bar before three hours have passed.

13. Link your Google Account

If you’re connected to the Internet, Empire will try to connect to your Google Play account. Make sure you agree to receive the message. This is the only way to recover your progress when you lose your device. Also, if the battery you are currently using is running low, you can continue to play it on another device. This game shows statistics of recently uploaded storage and asks if you want to load it. Occasionally, an error occurs where the game encounters an update loop.

Do not panic when this happens. Please exit the Tap Empire Apk completely and delete it from your recent apps and try again. The game should update without any problems. If you want the game progress to be uploaded correctly, use the Back button to exit when prompted.


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