Tank Battle Heroes Game Overview & Tips

Tank Battle Heroes Game is a new tank game for Android that allows players to steer tanks in battle and destroy other tanks. There are hundreds of challenging missions and event modes are coming soon. The game is very easy at first, but after the initial level it will be difficult to destroy the tank or achieve all types of goals. The Tank Battle Hero game will begin with a tutorial that will teach you about the basics of the game.

Tank upgrades, tank control methods, bullet casings, etc. At the end of the tutorial, the player handles the game independently. Tank Combat Let’s look at all of heroes. In addition, the best action games for Android in 2018. This game has 3D graphics and everything is well polished. You will experience good gameplay on your mobile device. The controls are also responsive and smooth.

Tank Battle Heroes Game Overview & Tips for Android

There is a control on the right side of the screen and a fire button on the left side of the screen. It is one of the best offline tank games for Android in 2018. In the game, the player controls the tank and the goal is to complete the mission. There are two types of goals. – Normal goals and bonus goals. A general goal is essential, and if these goals are not met, you will not be able to take the next step. Bonus goals are additional goals and can be skipped.

The game also has an energy system and can not be played endlessly. Fuel is needed to play the game. The amount of fuel is limited, and refill takes time. Wait or watch a video ad. Tank combat heroes have more than 100 challenging missions and eight tanks with special advantages. You gain victory after completing major goals such as destroying all tanks on the battlefield, collecting stars, or surviving for a few seconds.

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Find out what you need to accomplish before you start a battle. Tank Battle Heroes game you can also purchase power-ups before entering battle. The most important goal in most missions is to destroy all tanks. You need to upgrade your tank to make it easier. Spend some money to upgrade your tank’s performance. Other tanks on the battlefield also fire with bullets. Keep the tank moving, rotate, move to the back of the wall to avoid attacks and keep your health.

Tank Battles In heroic games you have to upgrade tanks properties to complete your mission as hard as you can. HP, damage, etc. If you do not upgrade, you can not even fight a strong tank. So upgrade the tank, collect the money, and get a new tank for the toughest mission. Basically, there is a crew member, who goes to the crew section of the tank battle hero and sends the crew to battle.

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You can get your money for free without playing a game. However, the amount is low and limited. Tank Battle Heroes game increase your profile by earning EXP to unlock new tanks in the game. EXP can be obtained by winning the mission. You need a powerful tank to complete a solid mission. I need money to buy it. So one of the best ways to make more money is to “double your reward by watching your video ad. Once you have won, you can select “Double-click Comp.

As mentioned above, there are two types of goals. Basic and bonus. Achieve your bonus goals and earn more rewards. Bonus goals such as collecting stars or not losing health in combat. Level up your profile and get gold, fuel, money for free.