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SwiftKey Keyboard APK download latest version keyboards are essential on devices like smartphones and laptops. Most smartphones today are in touchscreen mode and must be tapped when typing on the screen.

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Due to limited functionality, the default keyboard may not be sufficient. There are many virtual keyboards for smartphones, but try the SwiftKey keyboard’s latest APK (820445458). Why do I need this app? It’s more than a keyboard for typing, and has features to fix spelling and grammar in many languages. You can also get the right words because the keyboard learns about writing styles and conversations. More themes and colors create an attractive and impressive look. This application is very useful for replacing the standard keyboard of your smartphone.

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  • Version: (820445458)
  • File size: 36.4 MB
  • Uploaded: February 23, 2018 at 10:20 GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Varies by device
  • MD5: 0306f0e7fae304a3edcab1a44a36a919
  • SHA1: 0e26bce8ad73a349c838353c6d406accf07bcaa8

SwiftKey Keyboard APK reviews

The main purpose when you install the keyboard application is AutoCorrect. I do not want to send messages or chat with inappropriate words and phrases. AutoCorrect is a key feature of this application. You can edit the words one by one by selecting the desired language. In addition, this application automatically adds space when a word is already selected as correct. It is a very convenient function with writing style recognition. You can enter specific words each time and this app will instantly recognize your writing style. SwiftKey Keyboard APK free this is one advantage of a third-party keyboard on a standard or basic keyboard. When you send a message or chat, you need an emoticon to express your feel or situation. Tones of emoticons can be used in this application. The emoticons are automatically prepared because they are part of the writing style recognition. As you type, you can immediately access emoticons in the following areas:

This app predicts what you need for the next word and then adds the appropriate emoticons. To recognize emoticons and create apps, you must have access to messages and chat history. The default keyboard on your smartphone is plain without a custom theme. SwiftKey Keyboard APK for android you can get more themes and colors when using the SwiftKey keyboard for Android. Since all themes are freely available, normal and flat design are no longer a problem. You can change the appearance of the keyboard to suit your personal preferences. Custom themes are especially good for Android users to get new styles every day. You can also use more languages to support user needs in other countries.

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Advantages :

Excellent auto-calibration and writing style recognition. There are lots of emoticons, themes and colors. Provides swipe mode for input. More than 100 languages are available. Disadvantages All emoticons are only available on Android 4.1+.

How to use SwiftKey Keyboard APK

This app will work with the new version of Android. Make sure you have the latest version of the system installed to avoid unnecessary problems. Activate this app and set it as the default keyboard for everything you want to enter on your smartphone. Then select your language preference to use AutoCorrect mode. Give permission to access history to create style awareness. Once the default settings are ready, the next step is to enter a chat or send message. Emoticons and words will automatically appear based on your chat history and preferences. You can also disable AutoCorrect and select a different language. Change the theme and color in the menu and activate it. Your keyboard will look different on the screen.

Older Versions of SwiftKey Keyboard APK

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updated: february 23, 2018
SwiftKey Keyboard (820183522) Old APK
updated: january 9, 2018
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updated: december 15, 2017
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updated: december 8, 2017

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