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Super Mario Run APK Download

Download Super Mario Run APK latest version 3.0.10 is very popular game and today there is the latest version of Super Mario Run 3.0.10 (4232) APK officially released by Nintendo. Well, one question is whether this game is as popular as a classic game.

Is that correct? What is really interesting is the fact that the release of Android has not really changed Super Mario on a variety of platforms. This game has a Mario function that runs automatically, which may be good or bad for some players.

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In addition to being released on Android, it also applies to iOS. Despite the fact that it is a simple game, it can be done better if you know some tricks about Super Mario Run APK. By default, timing is everything when you press the button to skip Mario. Since it takes time to learn the perfect time, try some possibilities when you are level. Try not to be perfect because it can be difficult when you try it for the first time. Feel, fluidity, depth, and imagination are everything in this game that you do not have to spend so much effort to actually enjoy it from the beginning of the game.

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About Super Mario Run file

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  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Version: 3.0.10 (4232)
  • File size: 70.2 MB
  • Uploaded: April 24, 2018 GMT + 07 12:37 PM
  • Requirement: Android 4.2+
  • MD5: 69e66fa7e7c0f13942ddedcb10b2886d
  • SHA1: 5ee123619004e64e56d36f165317f875add81c22

Review Super Mario Run APK

So, this game is a Super Mario game made a few years ago. As mentioned earlier, Mario runs automatically, so players need to focus on solid leap, as seen in older games. It is, surprisingly, a change in the game that does not actually affect it in a bad way. You can do a fast hops during the game, take a little longer to do a huge jump, ping the wall to climb to the zigzag, stall as well as pop out of the enemy’s head. Intermediate air to control the relay later.

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This is a slightly different formula to understand that the game should remain a fun game. In short, this latest version of the game is a sort of speedrunner game where you tap and hold the button at the right time to reach the finish. Also, the stage of the game is well designed to make the designer look cool. Super Mario Run APK free the stage is actually really fast, as well as the fluidity of the game. So, these are the main ones in the pros and cons of Nintendo’s new game:

Advantages :

Fun games like old games The graphics aspect of the entire game, especially the stage, has been much improved. The control interface for mobile games is simple. Disadvantages The ability to replenish is once completed and remains low when sprinkled. Learning each one of the 24 levels is necessary to actually learn it that may require time.

Older Versions of Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run 3.0.7 (4062) Old APK
updated: april 24, 2018
Super Mario Run 3.0.6 (3874) Old APK
updated: january 12, 2018
Super Mario Run 3.0.5 (3688) Old APK
updated: november 18, 2017
Super Mario Run 3.0.4 (3643) Old APK
updated: october 7, 2017

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