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Summoners War APK Download

Download Summoners War APK latest version 3.8.4 is a collectible RPG that uses this monster during battle, which makes it harder for the player to summon multiple monsters and proceed. In this game, the player gets a rune where the depth of the game comes out. A sculpture rune for monsters (Rune) adds light to them.

For example, some runes may increase attack and other runes may add defense or accuracy. You can make this rune stronger and stronger. This rune system can be used to conceal the weakness of the monster, so it is important to the game progress. Like other MMORPGs, you need to build a farm to get XP and resources.

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Faimon volcano (Phase 1: Gate / Path, monster use as a water element), Hydeni Ruins (Damage 5), Tamor Desert (Damage 3), Mt. White Reagan (Step 2: Heel). Summoners War APK take advantage of the enemy’s fundamental weaknesses. When your monster has elemental superiority, they get a 15% bonus to the key. It’s a good idea to know the enemy’s basic attributes in advance. Make the most of your tower of glory. Making the best use of the Tower of Glory will increase overall efficiency while you’re feeding your feed. For example, towers such as mysterious plants (reducing energy refreshing time) and sanctuary (increasing energy storage) are helpful.

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About Summoners War file

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  • Developer: Com2uS
  • Version: 3.8.4 (38400)
  • File size: 26.4 MB
  • Added: April 17, 2018 10:20 GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
  • MD5: 7aa488349e9df6782af4cc50481f920a
  • SHA1: 2a58d0e1b021afb9e1305b946a4b4256893f1320

Review Summoners War APK

In addition to the runes mentioned above, each monster attacks two attacks. First, normal attacks with multiple attacks or other effects (such as healing) and second, special attacks. For special attacks, there is a cooldown timer. To make the most of these attacks, you need a little strategy here. Each monster also has an element attribute. This can be used to exploit enemy weaknesses. In addition to runes systems, attacks and elemental attributes, another interesting feature of this game is that you can leave a monster’s review.

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This review can be accessed from the Monster Status screen. They often include hints as well as help from other players. A useful feature to create worthy monsters. Not only does all of these gameplay add depth to Sonos Wars of Android, they are also visible in other games. For graphics, Summoner ‘s War graphics are animated with smooth, detailed and detailed animations. Attack is gorgeous and moves well.

Advantages :

Fun Gameplay Good graphics Useful features like monster review Disadvantages unusual limitations. You can chat only if you are at level 8 or higher. In other words, you have to play for a few hours before chatting. If you are a beginner, it will be difficult to get in-game advice to high-level players. A good monster is difficult to summon without buying a large amount of crystals. Worse, some summoned monsters are only used for feeds to strengthen other monsters. It will be difficult to play without actually spending cash.

Older Versions of Summoners War

Summoners War 3.8.3 (38300) Old APK
updated: april 17, 2018
Summoners War 3.8.2 (38200) Old APK
updated: april 6, 2018
Summoners War 3.8.0 (38000) Old APK
updated: march 30, 2018
Summoners War 3.7.9 (37900) Old APK
updated: march 16, 2018

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