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Stremio APK Download Latest Version 0.45.0

Stremio APK download latest version 0.45.0 there are many ways to get in touch with your favorite movies and TV shows. Sadly, finding your favorite content is not easy.

Download Stremio APK latest version

This is where Stremio for Android plays a role in solving the problem. You can find the latest TV series, movies, and channels with the app. You can add this library to your own library as well. With built-in calendar, you can easily track your favorite TV shows and DVD release dates. You can download Stremio’s latest APK 0.45.0 (2109217) and it works really well. With our free online service, you can discover and watch movies or shows from online or local files at once.

Stremio APK file information

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  • By Stremio
  • Version: 0.45.0 (2109217)
  • File size: 25.3 MB
  • Uploaded: March 7, 2018 9:43 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.1+
  • MD5: 894c963223e7569578a6763a472827ad
  • SHA1: 50a1d92a552abb066283112980d22a0ce1fbdeb3

Stremio APK reviews

Well, it is used as a tool to create a collection of TV shows, movies, serials, TV and YouTube channels. You can add titles to your library when you search for titles and begin creating lists. There is a board feature that tells you the latest videos or episodes of your favorite serials. This application has recommendations for movies and shows. We make a library and suggest it to the latest trends and tastes. The Trakt tool allows you to add and track your content usage with your Facebook account. Consider Stremio’s board as an incredible tool for streaming unlimited content. The good thing about this is that it ultimately grows based on what is recommended to you. Its built-in Cinemeta offers information of all titles. Get information from reputable sources. Provide descriptions or casts, as well as provide a recent rating of a particular series or movie. Stremio APK for android you can also use the built-in calendar to list upcoming content. You can also export to your device’s calendar. There are additional packages to subscribe to enhance your discovery experience. With add-ons, you can watch live TV channels from around the world. You will not be able to use multiple channels in a given region, but you will find multiple available channels.

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Advantages :

Easy to use and simple interface. The application works very smoothly and loading is fast. Very little buffering. The app is light and free. Disadvantages Content resolution may be high. There are some bugs.

How to use Stremio APK

Before you can use the app, you’ll need to create an account. Once you’ve registered yourself, you can watch a variety of movie trailers, serials, and channels. Learn more about this feature to better understand how to use it. The home screen is a bulletin board that reviews all the recommended content. Select what you want from the Search menu. The library is where you can watch popular shows, movies or channels. Stremio APK free you can add your own favorites here. As mentioned before about add-ons, manage add-ons from your settings options. Here are places to install or remove according to your own preference. You can choose languages and subtitles in Stremio for Android. It is a solution for you to find services that use media player features on various platforms.

Download APK file 25.3 MB Get with Play stor
  • Kriss bliss


Amazing user interface… And easy to use.. u wish there will be more add-ons