Street League Football Game Overview & Tips

Street League Football Game by Yowlu is a new platformer football game for Android, which targets to jump, jump and avoid enemies. All you need to know about this soccer game. Street Football is a new Android game recently posted on the Google Play store. Launched in December 2017 in select countries, it is now available to all Android users. If you like platform games, try it.

The game begins with a tutorial to learn about the basics of the game. How to control your character, how to avoid obstacles, and how to move to another wall. At the end of the tutorial, the player starts the game at level 1. There are dozens of challenging levels in the Street League game, and there are also multiplayer modes. However, multiplayer mode does not work for me. It takes a long time.

Street League Football Game Overview & Tips for Android

But you can enjoy the normal level of street football games. In the game, you play as a soccer player, collect all the football and score goals. However, this difficulty will not be easy. Tap the screen at the right time to change the direction (from the wall). Tapping the screen at the start of the level will automatically move the character. If you do not achieve your goal every time you cheat you will lose your life. Since life is limited, you must use and utilize your goals. However, it will be restored after a few minutes.

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Platform games are simple. But this is not the same as the other. Many obstacles in the game make it more difficult. There are a few tips and cheats for street league games:

Do not lose your life.

Life is important. When the game starts, you get enough life. Without life, you will not be able to play games. You can wait for a repair, buy a coin or buy it in real cash. If life is one time, you will start the game, fail to achieve the goal, and you will see the advertisement to gain life three times. Go to the Home section of the Street League game and go to the store section where you can make money instead of a coin.

Coins are valuable in Street League Football game, and you can use coins to get more life / power-ups. You need to complete the level to get more coins. At the end of the level, tap on the screen as much as possible to get more coins. Obstacles can be easily avoided if you do not blindly play Street Leagues. To avoid these hurdles, you need to change direction at the right moment or else lose your life.

  • Completed achievements for coin acquisition
  • Enjoy life in multiplayer mode.