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Stick War Legacy Apk

Stick War Legacy

Stick War Legacy Apk is a Stickman-themed war-based action game where you will be fighting Stickman Warriors to visit fierce and exciting battlefields, and Stickman Soldiers can receive various exercises!

Stick War Legacy Apk

In the game, the player must set up his own Stickman clan side, but he must guide them to participate in the war and only perform flexible tasks to successfully defeat all sorts of enemies! Compared to similar works, “Stick War: Legacy” is not only strategic, but also has a unique interest in gameplay innovation. When the game starts, the player can choose between two modes, which are divided into sports mode and game mode.

The player continues to process endless levels after he finds himself exercising the mode in practice. Stick War Legacy game mode and system will go through every challenge to know which party is going faster. The difference between the two modes is that all the props and characters in the Sports mode have to be edited step by step by the player, and the game mode provides all the necessary skills.

So I think here we can like me. First, go into the first pass of the sport mode, which is familiar to general play, and then learn the operating mode of the game and become accustomed to the other arms of late talent. In Sports mode, the player can choose a game that wants to deal with difficulties.

You can experience three kinds of difficulties, which are usually difficult and crazy. Of course the choice as a beginner is certainly a normal difficulty friend. So when the technology upgrade is over, challenge the next crisis. At the beginning of the level, we must recruit mines.

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Stick War Legacy guide

The two circles on the upper left are miners who consume 150 gold coins and 135 gold coins. Miners can offer us gold coins without interruption. The criminal is responsible for attacking the enemy or for the miserable defense. In addition to the pause button, there are three options at the top left. The first thing is to withdraw all troops. The miners will also stop the mine and hide it in a safe place, and the defending opponent will be attacked by our last ace.

The middle button is an active defense, and you can consciously stand in front of our territory and attack. Our evil ones begin to fill their territory until the bottom is activated and the enemies are completely destroyed. Pre-match games, of course, recruit as many miners as possible, and occasionally harass the opponent to stop the enemy to collect power for the purpose.

Sliding the screen in Stick War Legacy Apk will allow you to see the opponent’s territory, recruit the same miner to recruit, defend, or attack, and everything depends on our speed of development in the shortest possible time.

It is the focus of our game through a good strategy of restraining the best development and enemy progress. For example, here I just started the wave of attacks, not only was I able to wipe out all of my opponents, but the miners suffered tremendous losses, which will grow faster than the opponent.

His appearance. When you feel your strength is enough to destroy the enemy, the actual gun has begun.

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The ultimate goal of the attack is to destroy the statue of the opponent. When the statue of blood is zero, of course it means that we won. When our statue of life is zero, we mean that we have completely defeated some of the strategies of Stick War Legacy game.

Of course, we can, of course, choose the Stick War Legacy Apk mode to try various armies that can be edited, of course, the base miner of course, we can summon several styles of offensive forces such as swordsmen, archers, window hand masters, When the power to remove the captain, such as the terrible giant, said that he occupied all the resources, is this territory too small and destined to have only one statue here?

This Stickman takes the form of tower defense against the enemy. At the same time, it is all we need to think about to develop the economies of both sides, and the opponents to develop the economy, to occupy the opponent’s territory and to develop the economy. This creative tower defense Stick War Legacy cheat is very interesting.

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