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Star Trek Fleet Command Apk Guide & Tips

Star Trek Fleet Command Apk

Star Trek Fleet Command Apk those who have started an adventure need the following help: The universe is very large and has many dangers as same as Giants War game, Star Trek Fleet Command game offers a number of ways to address these risks, but learning how to use them can take a significant amount of time.

Star Trek Fleet Command Apk Guide & Tips for Android

This guide provides many tips and tricks to make your adventure easier. Let’s get started! The Alliance system is still under development, but it already offers many features. As soon as you start the game, it’s a good idea to join the alliance. The sooner you use this system, the better. Alliance members can help one another to shorten research and construction times. If you are a 50 level ally, you can request help 50 times a day.

When you complete your research and construction in a short time, you can quickly increase combat strength. But this is not the only benefit. Alliance members have their own stores and “new employee tokens” are sold here. Star Trek Fleet Command Apk as you can remember from our Battle System guide, this token is sold as real money. However, you can use the Alliance Store to purchase alliance credits and summon epic executives.

Finally, when an Alliance member buys a breast, all members can benefit. Alliance features will soon be provided with an update called “Armadas”, which will enable large-scale PvP matches between guilds. So it’s a good idea to join now.

There are too many different camps

You may have started playing as a federation member, but that does not mean that you can not talk to other faction members. Star Trek Fleet Command Android game has three factions: Romulan, Federation, and Klingon. After discovering these factions, you can upgrade your reputation by completing various tasks. The high reputation prevents automatic attacks by the Logan and Klingon ships.

Besides, you can get free leaping box. The higher the reputation, the higher the quality of the things you can get. If your goal is to bring peace to the entire galaxy, you can really do this: Just increase your reputation.

Play the Star Trek Fleet Command Apk

Star Trek Fleet Command does not have a free recall system but offers free chests. You can open your chest free for 10 minutes, 4 hours, 24 hours. All of this is accessible through the “Gifts” menu. It is very advantageous to open your chest every 10 minutes. This is because you can get the resources or upgrade components for free. You can get a variety of enthusiasts who can reduce the time spent on research and construction. Do not forget to get a free gift every 10 minutes.

You can attack other player stations

Star Trek Fleet Command is not just a PvE mission. When you reach level 15, you can attack another player’s station. Besides, even if you belong to the same camp you can do this. Open the system map and note the blue circle around the planet. Each row represents a player station. Click on them to attack. Even if you do not like the PvP mission, it’s a good idea to do this because every attack you successfully perform will help you get a lot of resources and “player fatalities”.

Player chests are very valuable and include rare items. If you do not want to do it, it’s a good idea to give your first warning, as other players will try to attack sooner or later! However, if you are a member of an alliance, you must notify other members. Star Trek Fleet Command Apk guide, sometimes these attacks can counteract all members of the same ally. Also remember that you can attack players as well as stations!

Do not forget the mine

If you do not think you can collect enough resources in your base building, consider an alternative method of mining. The asteroids that can be seen on the system map are not simply visual images. Each contains a variety of resources that can be mined. You can collect all the resources you need by mining.

However, there is a small problem: the ship becomes vulnerable in mines. The other player can attack you at the very moment. If you meet a high level player, your ship will disappear in a few seconds. So before you start mining, make sure you have no hostility.

Relocation of base

When you start the game, it will be placed around randomly assigned planets with other players. Therefore, you can not choose where to start the game. But if you want to move your base to another location for any reason in the future, you can. There are a lot of reasons you can move your base. If you do not have a lot of resources around the planet, or if your base is attacked too much, it’s a good idea to move to a new location.

To do this, first find and click on another planet. Each planet has 16 station slots, and you can move around a planet with an empty slot. You should use a “relocation token” whenever you do this. The first token is available for free, but you’ll need to buy it later if you want to buy it again later. Advice on Star Trek Fleet Command Apk game.

If you have any useful advice, you can share your thoughts in the comments below. Do not forget to check out the other guides for more information on the game guides and combat systems. We thoroughly reviewed all features of Star Trek Fleet Command android Apk now, who will conquer the galaxy? Stun your pager and join us!