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SoundAssistant APK v3.1.00.0

Everyone, both developing and developed countries, is certainly familiar with the Samsung Galaxy series smartphone that carries the Android operating system, and rumors also say they will release their first newest SoundAssistant APK ( 310000000) in the future. This time we will discuss more about the smartphones that are the first classified in the world in the category of the best-selling device of last year that will probably keep it this year. There is no denying if Samsung Galaxy has durable and good quality products that can beat many competitors, including Apple with its popular iPhone and iPad products in recent years.

SoundAssistant file information

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Version: (310000000)
File size: 6.8 MB
Uploaded: August 30, 2019 at 1:19 PM GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 7.0 and higher
MD5: 9c3a8c7dad76b75951e0ea5b3f134062
SHA1: ed47e916307ea9996092333295345659199609ed

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SoundAssistant APK v3.1.00.0

SoundAssistant review

To be a famous brand like today, of course, the manufacturer in South Korea has many privileges, excellence and, more precisely, certain advantages that are not owned by any competitor except them, where some of them are:

  • Touchwiz UI
  • AMOLED screen
  • Exynos processor

The power of the brand, they have to make their brand known to make people choose Samsung products than others despite their competitors offering products with more powerful features and specifications.

Samsung launched an application called SoundAssistantfor Samsung for Android that, most likely, will ruin Galaxy smartphone users later. Have you ever had trouble exaggerating the volume when using different applications? Now with this application, you can configure the volume of several applications, without even disturbing your free time with your devices.

This is a new Samsung application whose function can be recognized directly by the name of the application. Yes, this application will help you control the audio on your Galaxy smartphone, you will have more control and ability to adjust the volume according to your preferences.

How to use the application

If you are wondering how to use the application that will be launched in the future, well, here is a spoiler alert. First, you must install the application, and then a button that you can use to adjust the volume of different applications will appear. Suppose you set the notification sound for incoming messages at number 100, while the volume of YouTube applications is 70 and other applications are 50.

Setting the volume means that you don't have to bother exaggerating the volume when using different applications, such as playing games while working or video board on Instagram. Other functions, such as Scenario, help you determine the phone volume setting at the time you previously set it. For example, the phone will enter vibration mode during working hours and weekdays, and will return to normal volume when the weekend arrives. There is also a floating equalizer function that you can use to adjust the sound effects.

This application becomes a very beneficial application for Galaxy Series users. With some of the features we have described above, this application can provide a different experience when listening to music on your Galaxy phone.


  • A UI was applied.
  • Fixed an issue that the floating button sometimes does not work.

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