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Sonic Runners Adventure APK 2018 Download

Sonic Runners Adventure The fast action platformer is the dynamic runner of Android that meets again with the famous hedgehog Sonic. Get amazing courage in the exciting adventures of our hedgehogs who will remember the legendary heroes.

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Run, download, fly and discover new characters in a variety of different levels to entertain your game with unique abilities. He will overcome a series of diverse obstacles with the hero and defeat all the villains and become famous Dr. Eggmund. Run along legendary tracks and enjoy some great hobbies. Discover the bonus mode that will entertain you with new adventures. Join Sonic, the first mobile platform in 2018, the speedtrace and his friends!

Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends are back in action packed runners game! Catch the fever as you reproduce the legend of Sonic. Run, jump, dash or run across the runway and through an exciting platformer level. Unlock new characters such as tails and knuckles. Sonic Runners Adventure APK you can turn on the power with each unique capability. Save Sonic’s universe while fighting with Dr. Eggman in four symbolic locations. With a compact download size, everyone can start their day with fast arcade action!

Game features

Dash up four symbolic locations with super graphics. WARNING: You can bring excitement. Unload various characters such as Tails, Knuckles, Hedgehog Shadow, and Fast Legends. They have their own super ability. Overcome endless obstacles and evil spirits, including the evil Dr. Eggman himself! Listen to the iconic tracks as you run for heart-pleasing fun! Pick up your favorite friends. Each has their own super skill! And remember: choose techniques wisely to combine and win! Turn your favorite character on to improve his or her abilities.

An exciting story full of super characters and fun twists. Jump into a variety of fun arcade experiences with reproducible levels and many goals. Whatever the way, it guarantees endless pleasure! Discover the strange bonus mode, the true rush of speed firing! Enjoy Sonic Runners Adventure APK 2018 technology-based combo gameplay with simple controls and autorun capabilities. Anyone can participate in the action! After the first session, you can enjoy the game completely offline!

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