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SlenderMan Origins 3 APK Download

A long-awaited sequel to the main hit game Slender Man Origins 1 & 2. Introduction to SlenderMan Origins 3 APK: Abandoned Schools. It took me a long time from that scary moment!

Amazing voice acting, thrilling story! Slayton! The screamers and the scenes are slick and the scene is great. Survival factors make games more interesting and difficult. I always wanted to see Slender Man in school environment. Children’s ghosts are pretty cute. One of them took off from a corner, I almost did not pick my pants!

The children began to disappear from the very ordinary school. Every search for them was in vain. The police effort failed and the local government shut down the school. The place was abandoned.

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A few years later, our heroine goes back to school through her dreams and tries to save the lost children’s stolen souls. But a slender man is standing on her way .. What makes Slender Man Origins 3 a great game: Story: Slim is never closer to you! Atmosphere: Slender is looking for you at your own school! Fear: Scream, Survival, Music …

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