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SkidStorm APK Tips & Strategy Guide

SkidStorm Apk cheetah mobile’s multiplayer racing title and provides a minimalist list of more and more popular mobile game genres. With simple graphics, simple physics, and simple gaming mechanics, this new title has few bells and whistles, but 17 cars are still unlocked. These cars have statistics, strengths and weaknesses, and 24 tracks.

SkidStorm APK Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

It can also be unlocked when going further in single player career mode. It’s easy to play. I’ll explain it for a bit, but this is the question. Can you unlock all tracks and cars and go from corner to corner, from track to track and dominate your opponent? Of course, if this is a new or intermediate player who wants to get more races and open more stuff, we will come with a guide like this guide because we want to help. If so, there is a SkidStorm Apk strategy guide for new and intermediate players, but if you are playing the game for the longest, you can find some useful tips here!

1. Know the basics of the game

The controls in SkidStorm are as simple as the graphics in the game. You do not have to make a perfect start. You do not need to move from one gear to another. Anyway, you do not have to hit the gas or brakes. What you need to do in this game is turn left, turn right, Nitro activation. That’s all because the game automatically handles all the dirty work, drifting from left to right, negotiating various courses and building friendly boosts.

Since this game is about simplicity compared to other racing titles, remember the following simple command: Tap the left arrow to the left, press the right arrow to the right, tap one of the “N” icons to activate nitro and get a short burst of explosions. And in race, single player career and multiplayer mode are all against 3 opponents, so 4 people fight in 3 lap race and 3rd round is opponent raising AI opponent!

2. Tire driving in striped areas

Regardless of the course or game mode in which you compete, you can see that some of the tracks have a dark strip of tire stripes in cars wandering past. SkidStorm APK you should try to position your car in such a way that it passes through the stripes, as it is the ideal way for your car to take to give you some extra speed and extra advantage to your opponent. Of course, it is not ideal if another car is already passing the streak. I will explain why it is not always a good idea to rub your car while racing.

3. The friction is racing, but also dangerous

Some racing games actually use a physical driving style to reward players, to hit or even hit the opponent’s car to get more benefits. There are no damage mechanics in this game, but SkidStorm’s physics are not very sophisticated. In other words, the physics of SkidStorm is not really that sophisticated. Contact with another vehicle may be intentional or accidental.

Too often we have seen our car fall into an out-of-control situation after contacting a faster car. The faster cars are still in orbit and are moving away from us. It’s a good idea to drive quickly and safely in this game. This is the best way to do this while practicing, winning more races, getting more coins and jewels, and opening more tracks.

4. Learn when to use nitro

The best place to use Nitro on SkidStorm is a clear day on the coast – there are no obstacles to crashing, and there are no vehicles that can potentially block the route (unless you choose the road from behind). There is no tension to throw your guards at you. Therefore, it is best to use nitro in straight, and as mentioned previously, you can simply float and fill the nitro meter. As long as the Nitro button is white, it is a better chance to use when you need a chance, give a comfortable lead or hit the opponent!

5. Unlocking the track from the career mode in SkidStorm Apk

SkidStorm is sold as a multiplayer racing game, but career mode should not be ignored. In fact, you should play Career Mode as often as possible (while maintaining the priority of multiplayer races). That way you can untie more tracks, earn one-off items such as coins (normal currency), jewelry, etc. (premium currency), or boxes with coins, jewelry and / or auto parts. In order to move on to the next track, you need to get 3 stars in the race, but there is no limit to the number of times you can try again before moving on to the next race. Speaking of resending / re-racing …

6. Grinding is not an option except crown challenge

We see it as more prevalent in the mobile gaming world than ever before. Play the level you have already completed to reduce the opportunity for the farm for the currency. The money you get from SkidStorm Apk one-time varieties. Even if you already have three asterisks on the racetrack, you can still go back to that track and play the same race, this time with the goal of winning the Crown. In career mode, you can reach the bonus milestone by posting your winning time much faster than the rest of the AI pack.

While you can actually see an AI car in the form of a solid, the time of the milestone will be represented by a ghost car, with one, two or three crowns on them. Winning 1, 2, and 3 Crown Challenges in turn will give you up to 15 additional gems per track. It may not be that many, but if you go back to a track with 3 tracks – you can start with a new and / or upgraded car!

7. Use coins to upgrade your car

Obviously you need to make sure your car is always competitive and go to the garage and upgrade the five parts: engine, turbo, Drivetrain, Nitro and off-road. SkidStorm Apk parts – Some coins are consumed. And you need to prioritize upgrades based on statistics that most need to work on your car. Engine upgrades are generally the most expensive, but if you have a particularly slow car, like most of the early cars, you need to focus on these cars. Drivetrain upgrades can help cars with less handling, and Turbo upgrades improve your car’s acceleration.

Nitro upgrades are obvious – but Nitro is long lasting and can have more impact on your car. Finally, off-road improves the ability of cars to drive in off-road situations or return to asphalt off grass / ice / other terrain. You can customize your car upgrade as you like, but ideally your goal should be to balance the statistics to get the most out of your ability.

8. Do not move to or from a new car?

There are currently 17 vehicles that can be unlocked in SkidStorm. It is all virtual vehicles, but represents a specific type of vehicle. For example, a Cruiser is a basic two-door sedan, a comet is a basic hatchback, a Renegade is a base coupe, and a chieftain is a pickup truck. If you open the box / box that won the race and unlock the first part, you can open a new car, and each time you claim a reward, it displays a new part each time a car pop-up is displayed. The car is officially opened, collecting all 5 people. You can also use jewelry to purchase one of the missing parts.

However, it is recommended to use premium grade jewelery to launch new cars sooner. The most sensible way to stick to a new car or unlock and use a new car is to upgrade your car until the new car is locked. New car and then work to upgrade it. Rinse and repeat until you lock all the cars. Each car has advantages and disadvantages, so collect as many cars as you can and upgrade to artificial intelligence, especially to match human opposition.

9. Time trial and single race practice in SkidStorm Apk

Would you like to practice racing skills without worrying about all kinds of steaks? In single player mode, there are two methods: Time Trial and Single Race. In Time Trial mode, you have a certain amount of time to complete the selected track, technically there is no AI partner. But it will race against a ghost car that represents the efforts of the previous random human player. Then you can get ideas that confront the rest of the world. If you can survive the time of the ghost, you are walking the right path.

A single race is like a career mode race because it competes with three AI bots. The only difference is that they do not race against stars or crown. As mentioned earlier, there are no pegs, so you do not have to worry about getting out of your last lap or hitting a ghost car, so you can get some crown. It is simply a way to practice without pressure.

10. Be careful when driving on straight

As in most tracks, a short straight may seem like an easy distance for those familiar with more general sporting games, but that’s where you need to be most concerned with games like SkidStorm apk that focus on drifting same as like Dragon Hills 2 Apk, it is very common to lose control while standing upright if the left or right button is pressed too far or if it is tapped for too long (where the driver rarely loses control in almost normal races). Be careful when stabilizing your car on straight. If you go to the sea with the directional buttons, you will be stuck in an obstacle and you can stop the precious second too much!

11. Watch as many videos as possible

Fortunately, people at SkidStorm have lots of videos and lots of messages asking if they want to watch the video. Do not open your crates without using one key (about an hour and 30 minutes to refresh), or open one of the bonus items or get some free jewelry. Provides an opportunity to watch your ad video. Complete in 30 seconds, so make sure you turn on the Internet and play games and take advantage of the benefits of these ads!

12. Complete your daily challenges

The SkidStorm Apk provided with a Daily Challenge, which takes you to any track and is made up of any car that will attempt to target the AI opponent driving the same car. If you have just started, it is your chance to try out the vehicle you have unlocked yet, but more importantly, you win the Daily Challenge (you can repeat as often as you need within 24 hours). It does earn you more rewards – once again, this means more coins, gems and / or car parts, so do not give up this game mode! The other side of AI can easily be defeated, as we have seen.

13. Do not be too afraid if you do not do well at first in multiplayer

Multi-race races will be available when you reach level 2, and you will not have many cars at that point yet. You’ll probably still be using your starter car with some upgrades. And you may see your stock at the end of the 3rd and 4th place. However, upgrading an existing car and retrofitting a better car will make it easier for you to get time, get a second place in the SkidStorm Apk, earn a better box and get more rewards. Too. If you get more points in multiplayer mode, you can progress your league faster. In other words, you need to upgrade your car properly to be competitive in the next league.

14. Should I bother clan functions?
The clan will be available at level 4 and, as we’ve seen so far, this social feature is not yet the most popular. Maybe it’s a fairly new game, but as we have seen, almost every clan has only one or two members. This is clearly a function that allows you to trade fellow merchants with tips and tricks (in-game resources) and compete for clan superiority, but it’s a good idea to give them options you can not find in the meantime. At least 6-8 of 20 people are active clan.