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SimSimi APK Download Latest Version

SimSimi APK download latest version everyone is familiar with chat and messenger applications. You can find many on Google Play, including some of the most popular apps. Chat robots have unique apps.

Download SimSimi APK latest version

Chat with the character in this app and call it the latest APK (372) from SimSimi. Funny and cute characters respond instantly to chat without delay. More than 50 million users have already downloaded it, which means the app is very popular. You can spend time to say anything and SimSimi will learn it one word at a time. Similar to artificial intelligence, it recognizes words that users commonly use. You will teach your character how to say and answer based on your questions and conversations.

About SimSimi APK file

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  • Developer: SimSimi Inc.
  • Version: (372)
  • File size: 13.2 MB
  • Added: January 27, 2018 9:25 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 4.1+
  • MD5: 207458473c2fdeb8546ab095f7af4c68
  • SHA1: e19350310afbc416bde5e92d1238e60dc46b255e

Review of SimSimi APK

Chat robots for Android may not be new apps. You can discover apps that are similar to this app, but not enough for your nearest competitors. Sometimes people want more information to continue the conversation. We do not offer robots chat apps as you like. On the other hand, developers of this application can create interesting and reliable robot chat. More than 50 million users are sure proof of the functionality of this app. It has a clean interface and uses regular colors. SimSimi characters are displayed in yellow and users are displayed in white. To chat, you can add a word to the message box and tap to send it. The word appears automatically and SimSimi responds to the response. Someday, you do not get the right answer. This situation is caused by several factors. Use a different language than the default preference. Another factor is the informal sentence type.

As you know, unofficial sentences are difficult to understand unless you are a native speaker. SimSimi APK download free that’s why you need to manage the answers to your questions. Tap the word and select an answer when you ask a similar question. App tries to understand preferences. You can use multiple languages in this application. If you select a language preference, the number of words for each language is displayed. Popular languages are English and Spanish. SimSimi collects words and vocabulary to increase intelligence. Users can add their own language to the app database. However, this application has advantages and disadvantages about bad word control.

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Advantages :

It has simple graphics and cute characters. Provides immediate response. It’s fun and fun app. Disadvantages Bad language and profanity.

How to use SimSimi

Using SimSimi APK for Android is easy and straightforward. At first, you should choose the language environment and the level of bad words. The latter is the key to getting the answers you want. The app should then start and answer the conversation immediately. There is word management that incorporates your question and answer. Sometimes people use informal sentences through conversations. It is even harder for robots to recognize. You can choose an answer to a specific question. After a long conversation, you can delete all conversations and start from scratch. As mentioned above, this app relies on the user to control the word. Children and teens must provide parental protection before enjoying this application.

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