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You will get interesting features of the new SimCity BuildIt, the latest APK (1029002). This game offers unlimited creation to build city. He will act as mayor to manage the city, then keep the citizens as happy as possible. Income, taxes, expenses and resources are familiar terms in real life that you must apply in this game. The game offers unlimited things to build from a small farm to a complex city design. You can create a city based on the most important city in the world. You need to interact with other players to win more cash, resources, information and prizes. Well, you should have this game on your smartphone.

SimCity BuildIt file information

Version: (1029002)
File size: 107 MB
Uploaded: September 11, 2019 at 11:13 a.m. GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 4.0 and higher
MD5: 08edad7ca7ff448bfeb8fc1273fcdfa1
SHA1: 38e512f82829f67100eba76b05b78b5085d2e440

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SimCity BuildIt APK v1.29.2.89138

SimCity BuildIt Review

In this game, players act as mayors to build a city from scratch until it becomes a metropolitan area. Playing this game is quite simple, but you need preparation. It has a specific currency called Simoleon to trade, buy and buy. It will start from an empty area, then create agriculture to produce goods. It is like the old model of civilization. Agriculture is a basic step to get cash, then you can expand it to a new building to meet the basic needs of the city.

After cultivating and obtaining more cash, the player needs to build useful plants such as sewage, waste, water, energy and emergencies. Be careful to plan those plants. It will transform small agriculture into a big city, so planning is everything. The waste plant must be far from the department and the citizen. In addition, energy and water supplies must be continuously available to support daily activity. Agriculture will become a more industrial area, so this should be far from the city center. As usual, its main objective is cash.

Other features in this game are commerce and online mode. You can trade through the port to other cities to obtain resources and cash. Those cities are from other players and you can use the online mode to establish a relationship. As you know, SimCity BuildIt for Android is based on a real situation in which the city cannot support itself without others. You can produce more materials that are useful to others. Those are the basic ways of doing business.


  • It has an attractive graphic.
  • This game is very challenging.
  • New things come every day.
  • There is online mode function.


  • Beginners will take a long time to start.
  • You need to play constantly to survive.

How to play

This game is interesting, but you need time to conquer. To build a city, you can't put anything without a plan, so the basic step for beginners is proper planning. Stay in the basic necessities like supply, water, sewage, emergency and power plant. Those things are important for the city to stay alive and function properly. After meeting basic needs, you can expand to new additional issues, such as entertainment. Being mayor of the city is not easy because players must keep the city at a prosperous level. It is not only build to manage, but also citizen and relationship with other players. This game allows players to contact others to interact online. Use that function to improve the quality of your city and get more money to build. You need to balance between income and expenses to become a successful mayor. Try a contest to gain experience, recognition and prizes as an additional reward in this game.


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