Shadow Fight 3 Game Overview & Tips

Nekki’s Shadow Fight 3 game is one of the top action games for Android, featuring stunning 3D graphics, powerful weapons, challenges, and updated events. If you are a beginner and are not familiar with Shadow Fight 3, the Shadow Fight 3 guide will help you enjoy the game as a master and do not forget to read the tips for Shadow Fight 3. In the game, you play as a fighter. The game begins with a tutorial on basic Shadow Fight 3. When finished, you can play it manually.

If the event, tournament mode is locked at the start of the game, you must reach level 2 to unlock the mode. So there are two options for playing games. Chapter and duel. In the chapter, you can defeat the enemy. In duel mode, you will play against other players around the world. Let’s look at all of Shadow Fight 3.

Shadow Fight 3 Game Overview & Tips for Android

If you want free rewards, you need to participate in events or tournaments. To unlock this mode, you need to raise the profile’s level. Another reason to level up in Shadow Fight 3 is new powerful armor, weapons, and technology. So level up is an important task that needs to be accomplished as soon as possible. But how to level up? You need points / XP to raise a level, complete a chapter and defeat an enemy. When you defeat your opponent, you win when you win. Quickly complete Shadow Fight 3 by adding completed chapters, level ups, powerful armor, weapons, and new abilities.

Fight 3’s main screen, tap on Equipment Options. Arms prepared for body protection, weapons used in combat attacks and abilities. Choose an armor that has more power than any other. You may have a lot of armor. Helmets, hats and so on. Select the most powerful one and tap the + button to select and apply abilities. Weapons such as swords, spear, and ax will appear in Shadow Fight 3.

You can see all the details by wearing a weapon with more power and knocking your weapon. Attack Power, Critical Hit Rate, and Shadow Power. Choose the weapon best suited to combat based on attack, critical chance. Press the + button to apply the ability.

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Collect new armor, weapons, and skills

To collect new and powerful weapons and skills, purchase an army at the store to exchange coins, or open your chest to earn rewards or complete a chapter to earn rewards or complete an event. , Side quest. To increase the power of your fighter, you need to upgrade your weapons and armor. Go to the Devices section and find upgrade options. Shadow energy points are required. Shadow Fight 3 game you can upgrade your existing cards, upgrade your cards with the same cards from your chest, and gain shadow energy points to gain shadow energy points.

As mentioned above, you need a card to get new weapons, armor and skills. How to get a card from Shadow Fight 3? On the main screen tap the free card option (above the chest slot) and apply for a free card. Duel mode and win your chest. Open your chest and claim your reward.

The next source is a store, a card that can be exchanged for a coin, then heading to the store section. Or buy a Legion pack by exchanging it with a coin or crystal. You win coins and decisions by winning duel, side quest, event and chapter modes. Shadow Fight 3 is a challenging action game for Android.

If you do not pay attention to all kinds of upgrades, moves and abilities, you will not be able to win easily. Shadow Fight 3 game let’s look at tips, tricks, and strategies.

The first attack is important if you are playing in chapter mode or duel mode. With the first attack, you can easily win. Way? The first attack gives you the opportunity to perform a combo. The fighter who is attacked by the first attack wakes up for a while. Take advantage of this time and perform combo.

Go back to the beginning of battle back away. The other party will attack. Because you came back, you have to abstain from the attack towards the other side. Go to the opponent’s side immediately after the attack and play your turn. For example; The opponent’s first attack should be “Fit your head”, and the strike must be “kick down” or “move right + hand / weapon (hold)”. If you’re perfect, take advantage of the strike by performing a back-to-back attack / combo.

Shadow energy used to exert special abilities of a fighter. Using it in a timely manner will help you to win. For example; In duel mode, you must win at least two rounds to win. Shadow Fight 3 game in the first round, it gets close to winning and shadow energy is activated. Instead of wasting in the first round, you should save for the next round (if you are close to winning).

You should spend some time on each attack to get the best results. Just stand back and defend yourself from opponent attacks. It’s fast. Timing is very important, avoiding the opponent’s attack and aiming for your turn. Repeating the same attack repeatedly means winning the opponent. So do not keep doing the same attack and always try another attack.

You need to know your abilities.

There are many kinds of abilities like “Rare Special Move” (Right + Kick + Kick) and can cause more damage. Go to the equipment section and check all the skills you have applied. Use powerful weapons / armor to increase hero’s power in Dark Battle 3. Earn more cards by playing in duel mode, claiming free cards, buying cards to exchange coins, claiming bonus cards while watching advertisements. That is, the time of attack + the power of the hero + the use of shadow energy = victory.

  • Join the event and get a lot of free rewards.
  • Level up and equipped with powerful weapons
  • Upgrade weapons, armor
  • Use coins to buy weapons.
  • Do a duel to get more coins.

As you know, in Shadow Fight 3, player movement is very important. Performing special moves in combat can do more damage to your opponent and HP will also decrease. These special behaviors are activated when you fully use the controls. Shadow Fight 3’s action list is as follows.

Carefully read and apply correctly. If you have added skills to your weapon, go to the equipment section and check for special behavior. So this is a useful tip, action and trick for Shadow Fight 3 game overview & tips for Beginner.