Secret Kingdom Defenders Heroes Vs Monsters Game Overview & Tips

Secret Kingdom Defenders Heroes Vs Monsters Game is a new strategy game for Android created by Doppler Hat Games. Here is everything you need to know about the game, currently in beta in the Google Play Store. It has been developed by Doppler Hat Games. In the game, the player summons heroes, fights heroes, defends the villagers and wins the victory.

Secret Kingdom Defenders Description of Heroes Vs Monsters The game begins with a tutorial in which you learn about the basics of the game; how to play, attack, move, use skills, abilities, claim rewards and much more. You can play as a guest and log in with the Facebook account and Google Play Games.

Secret Kingdom Defenders Heroes Vs Monsters Game Overview for Android

It has PvP, single player and endless battles. In PvP fights, the player assembles a team of heroes, uses the strategy; where to place heroes In single player mode, the player has full control over the heroes; move, use skill, back off, attack a specific monster. But in PvP, you can only customize the team before the battle begins. After that, you have control over the ability.

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The battles of a player are very interesting because you have total control over the game. PvP battles can be played to win the rewards. Invokes new heroes, updates existing heroes; attack, health, defense and complete all the maps. You will get several types of rewards such as gears, food, shield, weapon and much more when you win the battle. There is a valuable resource called “Jade”.

You must use this element effectively. Jade used to call new heroes, to trade and in many other ways. You can reward Jade by completing missions tasks or buying with real money. You can play game mode levels for an offline player. PvP mode is online and challenging. To win these PvP fights, you need to update your characters.

Collect gold coins, upgrade your heroes (skills, attack, damage, defense and more), win PvP fights and unlock new maps and an endless mode. In general, it is a decent strategy game for Android. If you like defense games, then you should try.