Score Match Game Overview & Tips

The Score Hero recently added a new game, “Score Match” to the game list. Here’s what you need to know about the Score Match game. Score Match is a new football match for Android from the creator of the score hero game. It features real-time multiplayer mode in which the only task you have to complete is to defeat your opponent. But it will not be easy to play with real players around the world.

The score match Apk begins with a tutorial that will teach you the basics of the game. It provides information on how to steal the ball, cash management, boxes, teaming, upgrades and many other ways. At the end of the tutorial, the player can manage everything manually.

Score Match Game Overview & Tips for Android

The Score Match offers several types of matches. Junior, amateur, semi professional, professional, deluxe, premier, supreme, elite, master and legend. Since there is no single player mode, every time you play with the actual player. You start a score-matching game at the junior level. Score Match costs depend on the level you play; Junior games consume 100 cash and Semi-Pro 800 cash. So cash is one of the valuable resources in score-matching games.

A star is required to release a new game match. You earn stars by defeating players in the match. Tap the match button to play a game with a real player from around the world. Once you have chosen your opponent, you can bid to gain this advantage. Gem costs to you. When both players bid, the player with the highest score gains the advantage.

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If you want to kick off, you have to bid. You can ignore or tap the “No bid” option. There is a certain period of competition. Two minutes. Score Match game the player who scored 2 goals first gets the victory or the player who gets more points at the end of the match wins. When both players get the same score after the match, the winner decides to win.

If you do not have cash, you can not match. If you have jewelry, you can exchange it for cash. But if nothing happens, you have to wait for the free package / box. Every 3 hours there is a free package, which will cover cash, jewelry, and card upgrades. The cash in this free package is enough to enjoy the junior game. Do not waste your cash and play carefully and get your prize money.

Target package

You can claim this package once you have completed the goal number. After you claim your package, you’ll have to wait a lot of time to use this feature. This box can earn by getting a win in a match. You can open it immediately by exchanging it with a gem or wait for hours. So there are many ways to get cash in score-matching games, but one of the best ways is to win in succession.

Open a new stadium to get more cash and stars. Score Match game guide form section to change the player’s location or player layout. Upgrading these players can improve overall performance. Speed, power, skill, reaction, shooting, dribbling, passing. So upgrading is helpful. But how do you upgrade your player in score-matching games? Players need a player card to upgrade. These cards can be collected from free packages, goalkeeper packages and stadium boxes.

You can also change the placement of the player. The total number of players – 11, you can choose this large; 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 5-3-2, and so on. Signing in to Facebook gives you access to more features and more rewards. There are a variety of features and rewards, including getting a target package, playing on multiple devices, playing for your team of friends, adding friends to your team, and more.

If you target your players carefully and use the tackle feature at the right time and use the free kick / penalty shootout to pass the ball, you can easily win in all matches in a score match game. Do not let your opponent steal you ball.

  • Use the tackle feature in a timely manner to steal your opponent’s ball.
  • Put two goals to finish the match.
  • To easily pass the ball, tap the player (the target player).
  • Always keep the ball with you.
  • Keep your opponent away.
  • Do not upgrade your player when you do not have a lot of cash.
  • Score Match When the game is low on cash, open the free package and unlock the box.
  • If you do not have a lot of cash, enjoy a junior game.
  • Get cash and continue the score match.

The Score Match game is a great football game for Android. Good graphics, addictive gameplay, good commentary, challenging games. If you like football games, you should try.