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Samsung TouchWiz Home APK Download Latest Version beta

Samsung TouchWiz Home APK download latest version beta Samsung is the largest company in the smartphone market with its main brand of Galaxy. If you have a Samsung smartphone, TouchWiz Home is very familiar with the latest APK beta (900105051).

Download Samsung TouchWiz Home APK latest version

By default, this is an application that accesses all Android features. Briefly, it is a touch interface that manages everything such as connections, interfaces, and so on. Using a smartphone from a different manufacturer will look different from the home screen user interface. Each is unique and distinct, allowing you to identify a specific smartphone in the user interface. It is the main purpose of Samsung’s TouchWiz. The latest update to this app has been released for the new version of Android.

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About Samsung TouchWiz Home APK file

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  • Developer: Samsung Electronics
  • Version: Beta (900105051)
  • File size: 5.7 MB
  • Added: December 31, 2017, 10:16 AM, GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 7.0+
  • MD5: 73781ba0d8fedfaae3bf7fde633eec66
  • SHA1: 87f92221ed448516c35ca52087621b818711a7b5

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Review Samsung TouchWiz Home

You must have a default backdrop and an application that appear on the Home screen. When the date and weather are at the top, you can customize your connection, brightness, screen rotation, and location by sliding the top area. You can have three screens that contain application shortcuts. To do that, you just have to hold the screen and zoom out. In this mode, you can delete existing shortcuts by dragging them to the top trash. In the center, scroll to the next screen until you find the plus sign. Simply click on the symbol to create more screens. Latest Samsung TouchWiz Home APK free download for Android is divided into several areas. First, many of the main apps, such as the Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Music, Hangouts, etc., get Google Places pending.

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You can also easily use your camera and default browser on your home screen. As you know, you can use your smartphone’s browser or use Google’s Chrome to access the internet. This application also has drawbacks to consider. Samsung’s smartphones vary in size. Generally, smartphones with screen sizes of 5 inches or larger are produced. TouchWiz is suitable for entering more shortcuts. Unfortunately, you should restrict shortcuts to your home screen. Another option is to add more screens that are not convenient to slide one by one.

Advantages :

New updates provide an attractive interface. Samsung TouchWiz Home APK has access to the main application. There are many functions for managing screens. Disadvantages Samsung is limited to smartphones only. You need a separate touch when managing your app on a small screen.

How to use Samsung TouchWiz Home App

This app is used exclusively on Samsung smartphones, especially the Galaxy series. To open the Home screen at first, just push it over the lock screen. To manage connections, you can select several modes by sliding the top area down. You can choose mobile data or Wi-Fi mode. In addition, this part adjusts the brightness to suit the environment. You can get the maximum brightness when using an outdoor phone. You can see many apps like Galaxy apps, settings, cameras, and apps you’ve installed from the Play Store. Go to the top Edit menu to manage or go to the A-Z menu to sort the icons. To enhance security and safety, you can change how you open the lock screen. To add more dock, put your finger in the middle and TouchWiz will change to small form. Move to the last dock and press + to get an additional dock. Well, you can also change the desktop and add widgets using the menu in the section below.

Older Versions of Samsung TouchWiz Home APK

Samsung TouchWiz Home beta (900105047) Old APK
updated: december 31, 2017
Samsung TouchWiz Home beta (900105037) Old APK
updated: december 25, 2017
Samsung TouchWiz Home beta (900105033) Old APK
updated: december 22, 2017
Samsung TouchWiz Home beta (900105021) Old APK
updated: december 16, 2017

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