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Samsung Keyboard APK Download Latest Version

Samsung Keyboard APK download latest version will be the best idea for those who want to have the best keyboard for Android. This application has various input methods with convenient functions.

Download Samsung Keyboard APK latest version

They help you to chat more easily and conveniently. Many features are useful in applications, so you can chat with friends and family faster. This app is supported in smart typing because it has predictive text to learn how to type and suggest words or phrases in chat. It is an example feature of this application because it has various features that promote the user very well.

Samsung Keyboard APK file information

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  • Developer: Samsung Electronics
  • Version: (210323000)
  • File size: 58.4 MB
  • Added: February 25, 2018 at 9:53 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirement: Android 7.0+
  • MD5: 843654c93e942759b54f99caa863c2ae
  • SHA1: 12d427759edae894cd63cdfd4399687a9a021346

Samsung Keyboard APK reviews

Slowly but surely, this app will very well satisfy the user’s input while chatting with others. This keyboard app can be used by not only Samsung but also other phone companies. The application has a comprehensive list of features that support more than 80 languages, handwriting recognition, predictive input, and text shortcuts for commonly used phrases. Depending on the type of input window you can use a different key configuration, so you can get a new experience using this application on Android. Samsung Keyboard APK free the app also has all the basics you’d expect from a keyboard so you can enjoy using this app on Android. To make it easier for you, this app has major features. Some of the features that can satisfy users are like smart typing. This feature provides predictive text, automatic spell checking, text shortcuts, and input language switching. Automatic spell check allows users to easily find typos and easily suggest correct alternatives.

This means that you do not have to modify the input word because the word you are typing suggests the correct word. To complete the function, this app also allows you to optimize your emoticons, backup and restore, keyboard and enjoy more user input. Samsung Keyboard APK for android many users are happy with the app installation. There may be some disadvantages to text editing. However, many people are satisfied with the function. For example, you can see it in an emoji. With more than 3,000 Emojis to entertain your users in chat, this emoji in your app allows you to express your personality in a fun way. In addition, the user’s other satisfaction for this application is that it is easy to use so that it is not confused by using this app on Android. Like other apps, this app has advantages and disadvantages. There are some pros and cons known here.

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Advantages :

It has various input methods. Your app is multi-lingual Smart typing. Can be used on any Android. Disadvantages  Backgrounds / themes are limited. Word modification does not work properly one day.

How to use Samsung Keyboard APK

Using a Samsung keyboard for Android is like any other keyboard or custom keyboard. This keyboard only needs to be installed on Android. It works well android automatically. You can try it anytime.

Change log

  1. Supplemental symbols support for more languages
  2. Pinyin input support for Traditional Chinese
  3. Bug fixes and improvements
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