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The latest APK of Samsung Internet Browser (1010027500) has recently become one of the most downloaded applications in the Play Store. Compared to many other browsers that you can easily download from the Play Store, it has some features that others do not include. These good features make it worthwhile to download this application for many users who are bored of common browsers that have been used too frequently so far with all their flaws.

Samsung Internet browser file information

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Version: (1010027500)
File size: 66.7 MB
Uploaded: September 11, 2019 at 11:08 GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 5.0 and higher
MD5: 3edd04dcb297d7a0353fd955f9dfb28e
SHA1: cad20ad701f0189c974791233d0e3441e04f5697

Download Samsung Internet Browser APK

Samsung Internet Browser APK v10.1.00.27

Samsung Internet browser review

In the case of other browsers, especially free ones, they usually come with annoying ads and pop-ups that, well, appear at unexpected times in the middle of you using the application. It can really be a nuisance for many people really. However, you will not find such a thing in this application. Although it is free, it will not stop with unexpected ads and pop-up windows while the application is operating. Thanks to this function, the use of a free browser that you can easily install from the Play Store has never been as free as these ads and pop-ups.

In addition, it also comes with additional secret tool means. As you know, there are quite a few selections of browser applications that offer this feature in the first place. Yes, there is actually an application with its incognito mode. However, this function only allows you not to register any website that you have opened in that mode and blur the whereabouts of your IP address. Well, what Samsung Internet Browser can do while the other is not that it can protect all history with password. You can create a new password to make your history more difficult to track.

But, like any other application, there are some flaws with which this application comes that seem to take some things of all the good features mentioned above. In this case, it comes with a size large enough to download. For those who have limited data, it can be an obstacle to download them. In addition, this application is not compatible with all available Android systems. For those who use a lower Android operating system, all they have to do is read the reviews of this application from the Play Store.


  • There are no pop-ups or ads.
  • You can use the secret mode.


  • It consumes large data size.
  • It is compatible with a superior Android operating system.

How to use the application

You will find that the information on how to use this application is quite easy and pleasant to use, since it does not come with any requirements that you must follow in advance. If you start the application, it will be ready to work. If you want to use or activate the ad blocker, choose the option with the same name and download one or more of them in the list. If you want to go incognito, select the Secret tab to activate the mode in the Samsung Internet browser for Android.


  • QR code reader
  • Tab manager for tablets
  • Notification Manager for web pushes
  • Navigation history in each tab
  • Video control automatic playback
  • Rename the function by doing "add to home screen"
  • Pause / resume function to "Save all images"
  • Bug fixes and stabilization.

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