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Rusty Lake Paradise APK 2018 Download

Rusty Lake Paradise the story that started in the 18th century is about a small island with terrible things. Death is in this quiet neighborhood, at first glance, and should address all current problems.

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Game features:

  • Pick up and play:
  • Easy to start but not easy to drop down
  • Unique story:
  • The first adventure game based on Egypt’s ten disasters
  • Unforgettable puzzle experience
  • Each catastrophe offers its own atmosphere, suspense and various Rusty Lake brain teasers.
  • Standby graphics
  • The pastel background picture is a handmade painting by the Dutch painter Johan Scherft.
  • Drowning soundtrack:
  • Each epidemic has its own theme song and variation
  • Achievements
  • The island has more secrets to explain.
  • Andrea Bampi
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