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Rev Heads Rally APK Tips & Tricks

Adorable Avoid letting your avatars deceive you. Spunge Games’s new mobile title, Rev Heads Rally Apk a racing game packed with action-packed action that will indulge in a few days. The game is to win the game no matter what. In other words, we use a variety of weapons to get out of the competition.

Rev Heads Rally APK Tips & Tricks for Android

Rev Heads Rally offers cup racing, time trial, and augmented reality mode to bring racing to the real world. Speed is just the beginning. To succeed in the game, you need a lightning fast reflex and a good strategy. Imagine a race heading towards the finish line, avoiding a guided missile. Can you stay calm, or can you give in to pressure? If you have difficulties moving forward, check out Rev Heads Rally Apk cheats, tips and hints for winning all races!

1. Fire away

If you’ve ever played Mario Kart before, you do not need to introduce the concept of attacking your opponent in a race. There is no such thing as a dirty game in this kind of race. Do not hesitate to launch a missile to your opponent. Because they do not think twice about doing the same thing to you. There are two types of missiles in Rev Heads Rally. A green missile is a basic attack item that fires straight until it reaches a racer or a wall.

It has the ability to bounce the wall, so do not lose hope if you do not hit the target immediately. A red missile is an expedition projectile that hunts the nearest opponent. Both missiles are used for their own purposes and will be fired until they reach the target.

2. Car upgrade

If you have enough coins, you can buy a new car. The new car comes with several upgrade options that you can purchase to improve performance in the race. Upgrades include acceleration, speed, handling, and boost. Because of limited resources, you can not immediately maximize the upgrade Rev Heads Rally Apk the best way to do this is to distribute the upgrade evenly across multiple categories instead of focusing on one category only. Accelerating and accelerating the car speeds up the speed, but if you do not upgrade the handling, it becomes more difficult to control.

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3. Improve your speed wisely

You will probably be wondering what the boost category is. It is for your speed boost and works like a Nitro in most racing games. As you can probably guess, the speed of the car is much faster, but it becomes impossible to control. This is why you should only use the speed increase when you are at the beginning of a straight path or when entering an S curve surrounded by dust. The speed is slowed by dust, but this speed is negated during speed up. In other words, if you use a speed increase, you can cross the S-curve without interfering with the turn.

4. Practice in AR mode in Rev Heads Rally Apk

The game’s AR mode allows you to place tracks on a flat surface in the real world. This opens up a lot of fun, but playing can be a bit tricky. Look for surfaces that are always easy to see. Practicing AR mode first on the default oval track can get you used to driving in this mode. Once you release the controls, you can move to more advanced tracks.

5. Get more coins

As mentioned above, you need a coin to buy a new car and purchase an upgrade. There are many ways to make coins. The easiest way is to simply look at the ad instead of the 100 coins. Go to the Win a New Car menu and press the video button. Another way to get more coins is to complete the mission. These are usually the tasks the game provides in relation to performing certain methods during the game. For example, one of the duties is to take first place in five races. Another mission is to give you an oil slick intentionally.

Most missions can be completed by completing the game normally. Because you need to check your mission on a regular basis, you will know what to aim for during your race. Winning all races in Rev Heads Rally Apk not an easy task, but using the tips and tricks listed above will definitely come up on top! That’s for sure, but if you know of any additional tips for the game, please leave the lines in the comments section free!