RCB Epic Cricket Game Overview & Tips

Ipl 2018 started on April 7, 2018. If you are an RCB team fan, the following is good news. Nazara Games recently announced an IPL Cricket game for Android on the Google Play Store. Everything you need to know about RCB Epic Cricket Game. Nazara Games, Indian Gaming Studio recently released a new cricket game for Android RCB Epick Cricket. All of you IPL 2018 season will start in April 2018, and as expected, got the updated IPL game from the Nazara game. Let’s examine the inside of this new cricket game.

RCB fans only, so you can not choose another team. It comes with three different game modes; Hot Event, Tournament and Multiplayer Mode. Multiplayer mode is currently unavailable and will begin the IPL 2018 season soon. Tournament mode is offline and you only play with the RCB team and you are aiming to defeat the other IPL teams this season and win the IPL Championship Trophy 2018.

RCB Epic Cricket Game Overview & Tips for Android

You can adjust some kind of setting before starting the game. Over, Difficulty, Blow Mode or Exact Match. You can choose more than 5 games, 10 games, 20 games or more. You can adjust the difficulty level. Easy, medium, hard. There are two modes. Batting average and overall game. Bowling is not required if you choose the hitting mode. In full game mode, you can use bats as well as balls.

It also features a hot event mode, you need an active internet connection to play it. In this game mode, play with other teams and compete with other players in the top ranks. RCB Epic Cricket Apk provide the latest content. The IPL 2018 season is really good.

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IPL Cricket Game RCB Epic Cricket Before you start the game, you can go to settings and choose a graphic. Set it to Low, Medium, or High and set it according to device performance. You can also change the controls. Basic control and Pro control are provided. You can turn the power off or on in the settings. You can adjust the shot by turning on the Pro control. Loft or bearing. It runs automatically during the default control. Swipe the screen to play the shot.

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You can play almost any kind of shots in this IPL cricket game. Uppercuts, reverse sweeps, glances, and more. RCB Epic Cricket Game is a fun cricket game, but it does not have all the game modes, but it’s still a worthwhile game. Animation is great. Shooting of various scenes, Vivo IPL 2018 season mode, and more things you need! It is a perfect game, easy to play, six and fourfold and you can win IPL 2018 season.


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