Project Battle Game Guide & Tips

We recently shared this in 2018, Top Best Android Games, currently, we will share some project Project Battle game strategy guides to acquire survival crown. NetEase’s project battle Apk is currently in alpha stage and beta testing is currently underway (May 18 – May 24). And I think NetEase will be able to release Project Battle Android games before Fortcraft. Well if you have used PUBG game, you should try it. It is slightly better than PUBG.

Project Battle Game Guide & Tips for Android

The landing part is better than any other battlefield game instead of a parachute. There is a modern skateboard (with Nitro Boost). You can also see how many players are on the board. Project Battle provides a vast beautiful battlefield (better than all battle royal games). Beautiful harbor, houses, towers, trees, rooms, hotels, bridges and more. Driving a car from the bridge or the road is the best time to enjoy this game. Sandbox Battle Since it is a royal game, you can use the Quantum Cube to create [various designs / shapes] shields.

Complete with one click. Like the description page on the Google Play Store, the game is not perfect (under development). Project Battle alpha Test: – EDT (New York) 09:00 a.m. – March (+1) a.m. May 18 – May 24. Let’s start with the Project Battle guide to earn the Royal Crown (# 1 rank). If you are new to Royal Games, stay here, otherwise skip this section and proceed to the tips, tricks and strategy guide section below. In basic Project Battle your goal is to be the last on the battlefield. We will fight 99 players from all over the world to survive.

You do not have anything at the beginning of the game. You must find guns, weapons, and items on the battlefield. However, I created some cubes / materials (see the guide below). In short, you must be the last on the battlefield. The game features a variety of modes (mostly locked) and currently has two characters. Let’s start the guide now! In this section you will learn about landing, safety zones, production, cubes, how to get more cubes, vehicles, controls, settings, boxes, medical supplies, and items.

Landing on the battlefield

The first phase of the battle game is landing. It is the most important part because it determines the scope of the loot and meeting with other players Project Battle game tap on the mini-map, check the original area (safety zone) and check the battlefield (choose where you want to land). When you get there, tap on the airplane icon. To make a quick landing, you can enable nitroboost (long press on the skateboard icon) and then long-press on the left side of the screen and swipe up / down / left / right to navigate.

You can check your status with your opponent in the top left corner of the screen. You can see the number of players and how many players have died.

Battle begins

After landing on the battlefield, look for the wooden box. In other battle royal games, you receive firearms, weapons or other items publicly. However, you must open the box in the game. Please come to the box and wait a moment. A list of items is displayed on the screen. Just tap the item you want to keep. At the bottom of the screen is a sack icon. Click on it and check the number of items you have; From there you can discard or remove items.

Project control is very simple in Project Battle Game

Control your character by pressing your finger on the left side of the screen and swiping up / down / right / left. Use the right side of the screen to adjust the camera view or simply tap the eye icon. By default, AutoPlay mode is on. You can turn off the power in the settings. When disabled, bullet options are displayed on the right.

Tap it to fire the gun. Use the Zoom option / feature to accurately target the enemy. There are two control options on the right side of the screen. Jump and crouch.

Crafting guide

When you start the game, you can not create a shield because the quantity of cubes is limited. Cube Qt can be checked. Near the HP bar. Tap the cube icon and select the shape to be machined. Above the Cube icon is the Instant Craft feature. You can just press it and swipe up / down / right / left instantly to create a perfect design. How to get a Cube from a Project Battle game cube material creation is inappropriate. And you can get this material from the box. Find, Search, and Open Box [There is usually a large box near the road, toilets, and near the harbor.

The safe zone is decreasing

After a certain period of time, the safe zone will shrink. Tap the mini-map and select “Are you in a circle?” If not, go quickly. How to move quickly? You can enable Sprint mode in Project Battle. When activated, the character will automatically launch. To activate AutoPlay mode, swipe your finger from the left side of the screen and touch the “Sprint” icon. Vehicle Information, As mentioned above, the Project Battle Apk game offers several vehicles. You can drive a surprising car on the road, boat on the river, jeep on the hill. Just go to your car and hit the Drive option.

You can adjust the vehicle controls in Settings (tap the gear icon near the mini-map to open settings). How to find a vehicle? These vehicles can be found in urban areas. Roads, towers, harbors, near bridges. How to activate nitro? Very simple. When you get in the car, press the nitro icon (on the right side of the screen, just below the mini-map). Please note that Nitro is limited. So this is a project battle guide for beginners.

Catching the boots

As mentioned above, landing is one of the important tasks in the Project Battle game when landing at any place; Chances are you will lose spoils (guns, weapons, items). And everyone wants to grab the best thing. You are one of them. The strategy is as follows. After tapping the Fast -> Airplane icon, use Nitro Boost and Overland at high speed. Shoot the booty in front of the enemy. In short, at the beginning of the game; Do your best and hold precious plunder (best guns, items, medical kits, ammunition, gloves and vehicles).

Finding a vehicle

There are two advantages to owning a vehicle. You can easily kill the enemy. You can move quickly to the safe zone. So we have to find the vehicle. However, it is best to shut down the vehicle at the last minute. Because of – The safety zone is too narrow. What if the enemy made a tower using a cube? He can easily kill you from there. You can not access the gun or cube functions while driving a vehicle.

Find the box because you need a cube

Use the Project Battle game cube to create a big shield at the last minute and protect yourself from enemies. However, the quantity of cubes is limited and must be obtained. Find the box and get this craft material. Do not use Cube / Craft material at game start. The best time to use it is when you and one or more players are on the battlefield. To avoid encountering enemies, you must be on the edge of the safe zone. It is not a shooting game.

The number of murders does not matter. I just survive. Meeting = survive for a long time. Land in less congested areas. Take the booty at an early moment. Armor, Best Gun, Medi Pack. Finding Big Boxes and Cube Collection, Do not use the cube when starting the game. Find your vehicle. You can easily break your enemies with your vehicle.

Stay at the edge of the safe zone. Rocks, trees, hide behind buildings. Use the cube to build the tower at the last moment and shoot the enemy from the top. Always have the best weapon in your hand. So, these are Project Battle Apk guide & tips for beginners.