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Prison Architect Mobile APK Download

Prison Architect Mobile game has gained tremendous popularity among PC users and now it finally reaches the smartphone.

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At first it is the simulator builder who is supposed to build the most complex and protected prison in the world and at the same time think of the management of this prison! It is very difficult to build a detention facility. In addition to all the premises, there are ways to connect to each other, where protection costs will be incurred, and when a fire occurs, you have to think about the system.

Escape from reality, but do not escape from your custom jail! Prison Architect: Mobile requires you to build and manage the largest security prisons, from cell block and inmate facility deployment, to employee payroll and inmate scam management. From layout to execution (literally, in some cases), you are an architect, collector and executive.

Prison designs include basic necessities such as cells, restaurants, surveillance rooms, and infrastructure, but players may also include features such as solitary confinement, exercise areas, and practice rooms. The tablet version of Prison Architect Mobile APK has enough storyboard-centric campaign chapters to get started with more features added as premium content.


  • Build and manage prisons that can accommodate a variety of prisoners.
  • Juggling prisoners with security issues, infrastructure and a constantly dim budget
  • Follow the story in campaign mode to learn new prison building skills and learn about the hidden lives behind
  • bars after a series of cutscenes and goals
  • Unlock more campaign chapters with one-time purchases
  • Violent criminals: manage other types of criminals and control riots with floods, fire, fighting and riots.
  • Platform: Android
  • Category:¬†Andriod Games Apk
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