Primal Wars Dino Age Game Guide & Tips

37Games recently launched a new MMO strategy game for Android on the Google Play Store. If you have played other MMO games like Dino War, Mafia City, you can easily understand the mechanics of this game. If not, we can guide you and speed up your skills and improve your skills using our Primal Wars Dino Age Apk game guides, tips, and strategies. Let’s explore Primal World!

Primal Wars Dino Age Game Guide & Tips for Android

Primal Wars Dino Age begins with a tutorial on learning the basics of games. Primal Wars Dino Age game for upgrades, chiefs, and combat. If you did not pay attention to the tutorials, here are some basic games you should know. Your goal in this game is to build your best base and improve your ability to capture dinosaurs, cannibals, new lands and more. Building the best foundation requires many resources, such as stone, wood, gold, food, and metals. Upgrade costs increase and upgrade costs increase as you proceed.

These items are needed to build a new building. Also, you have to take care of your base. Enemies can steal your resources by attacking your base. You can also steal resources by attacking enemy bases. In other words, there are three types of activities in this game.

Basic build and upgrade

Raise your strength. Enemy Territory Attacks, Dinosaur Capture. Start with the Primal Wars guide and check out the tricks, tips and strategies of Primal Wars Dino Age game in this guide, learn how to battle and capture buildings and dinosaurs. Because it is a MMO-based strategy game, you need to know about buildings.

resource; Wood, stone, wood, metal, gold

These resources require you to build new buildings and upgrade buildings in your territory. These resources are produced in this building. Farm – produce food., Wood Camp – For Wood, Quarry – for stone, Mine – for metal, Cabin – for gold. Upgrade these buildings to increase resource production. As I said above, the upgrade cost will increase as the upgrade progresses. So, it’s a good idea to keep upgrading these buildings so that you will never have a problem of lack.

Chut Hut is the main building in your territory. You can not upgrade another building to that level. You must upgrade the wall to upgrade. Upgrading a senior hut will upgrade the other building. In addition, it increases march ability and aid attempts.

Safe Cave

Safe Cave is one of the main buildings of the Primal Wars Dino Age game this building protects resources from attackers. As mentioned above, enemies can attack your base. Upgrade this building to keep your resources safe.

Training camp

In this camp you can train your troops. Tap it, then select a unit and train it. You can place skilled units or place them in battle.


You can cure an injured army in this building. Due to limited capacity, please upgrade to treat multiple armies at once.

Clock tower

Watchtower informs the enemies approaching the base for combat purposes. Upgrade to improve performance.


The shrine is a research center that researches and studies various aspects such as economy, army, fortification, hunting and so on. Research on new aspects is an important challenge. For example, if you study economically, you can increase building speed and resource production speed. You can study the fort and open the plant’s lock. Speed up your education by studying military aspects.


Here you can make gears. Epic, Common, and High-quality. How do I get the craft materials needed for craft production? Hunt dinosaurs and catch cannibals. Or you can get by reward or raid.


Transportation activity.

Hall of War

Alliance members. Build it to attack cannibals.


Keep your enemies here.


Here the enemy chief is sacrificed to activate a certain boost.

How to fight in Primal Wars Dino Age Game

If you do not know how to start a battle or start a battle; Primal Wars Dino Age Apk see the picture below. If you knock on the flame, you will get two options; Reconnaissance and attack. Select an attack to start an attack. Tap the reconnaissance options before you attack to see details of the enemy. Or you can attack the army or collect resources. World icon, After this, the screen appears. Primal Wars Dino Age.

Here you can collect resources, hunt dinosaurs, and attack enemy territory. To collect resources; Swipe up / right / left to find resources. Once found, press it and send troops to collect resources. Hunt dinosaurs and cannibals. Tap the Search icon (bottom left of the screen) to select it. Dino or cannibal (use the -, + buttons to find dino and carnival depending on the level). Tap an area to attack it.

Choose attack options and place units and sauries. They will come back after a certain amount of plunder; You can not attack enemy territory with active shields. So, this is a Primal Wars guide for beginners. Now, let’s start with Primal Wars Dino Age game cheats, tips and strategies.

Get free jewelry or fixes.

As you know, using crystals can speed up construction speed, building speed and training speed. How to get gems or crystals for free in the Primal Wars game? If you join the alliance, you can get up to 600 crystals for free. Choose Settings – Accounts -> Account Bindings -> FB, Google Play Store and earn 200 free gems.

Protect your resources.

This game is all about building and managing resources. Resources are limited and upgrade costs are very high. Enemies can attack the base at any time and plunder resources. Your goal is to protect your resources; Food, metal, wood, stone and gold. Here’s how. Bolt Cave Upgrade – Bolt Cave protects resources. Upgrade to upgrade. Tap on the wall -> Defense info -> saurpets / dinosaurs. Set a defense. Military training, Wall level upgrade. Read the guide above and visit the world map to hunt for saunas / dinosaurs.

Increase the main authority

At the top right of the screen, touch Avatar. CP / power can be checked. To increase the power of a chapter, follow these steps: Equipment preparation, gearsmart production by blacksmith building Primal Wars Dino Age game open your talent. When you raise the level, you get a talent score. At the bottom of the screen, go to your avatar -> Tap Talent and select Talent. Building Upgrades, Upgrading senior huts. Go to the saurpet tab -> Upgrade your dinosaurs. [Get the sarbid / level-up ingredients as hunting dinosaurs.]

Spy, before attack

Press the Reconnaissance option before attacking the unit with enemy territory. Use the reconnaissance function to spy on enemy territory and know the strength of the enemy. CP, Defense and Army. If you send an army before you check the details of the enemy, you are likely to lose your troops. Confirm the CP, compare it to the enemy CP, and attack accordingly.


There are more aspects to go to the shrine building to study economy, army, massacre, and to solve booster and plants. Primal Wars Dino Age Android game it’s a must in the game and you have to take it seriously. Continue studying and opening a new powerful booster can improve production speed, army strength, and economic power. And finally, I want to say that I will continue to upgrade the building. Key Challenges. So, these are Primal Wars Dino Age Apk tips, tricks, and strategy guides for beginners.