Power Fishing APK Guide & Tips for Beginner’s

For over a year as an Android game developer, Pacific Ocean has released Power Fishing APK and added it to its original free games list same as like Hungry Shark Evolution APK, previous FIND PET released! If the Star Tree was not successful, Power Fishing promised to create another wave, unlike more than 50,000 installations in less than a month after launch.

Power Fishing APK Guide & Tips for Beginner’s

If you enjoy so many fishing games in the Google Play store by yourself, you may be wondering what makes Power Fishing unique and special. Because most other fishing games are purely arcades or pure simulations, Power Fishing actually shows a lot of arcade action when raising a character’s level or upgrading equipment based on RPG and strategy elements when actually trying to catch a character. The latter is about their defense as well as the offensive and other player’s fisheries. Featuring stunning graphics and plenty of content, this game is actually a game to try, especially if you are not a fan of fishing games.

Be careful because Power Fishing can take hours with addictive gameplay Power Fishing Apk starts the game by selecting one of the male or female characters and registering the nickname of the selected character. It is fairly expensive to change this later. With all the fish you catch, you gain stronger and better statistics, gain experience, and raise your character’s level as you move towards each area with greater challenges. This tutorial will guide you through the initial attempts at catching some fish, as well as the basics of managing and upgrading your equipment, so you can easily re-examine your items with a few in-game icons and shortcuts.

Given that you will get a lot of in-game rewards on the first day of the game, check everything with a red light. As part of the mechanics may still be a bit confusing to beginners in fishing games, the Power Fishing beginner’s guide will help you get a clearer picture of what you need to do to keep your game clear and fast.

1. Understanding basics of fisheries

It is important to know how to do the best for every line you throw, as well as everything you do while the fish is standing in line because you eat most of the time you take and usually wrestle with fish and fish. It looks pretty simple because there is only one button to control everything, but the precision requirements may be slightly higher for some people. First, there is a moving power bar that shows how strong your throw is before throwing the line. The better you get here, the more chance you have to catch big fish that gives you more experience points.

It may take some time to get a good steady steady, but a good way to get started at first is to calculate it in sync with the time the bar reaches its maximum value. You can adjust it as needed because you will experience a little later presses than you count Power Fishing Apk when the fish is touched, a bar lined up from left to right appears at the top of the screen. Pressing the action button moves the slider to the right, and releasing moves the slider to the left. The goal is to have a lot of blue bars at the top, raise the slider to that point, and then release the action button. Be careful not to move the slider to the end of the bar.

This will end the attempt and fish out. Once the fish is caught in your hooks, keep in mind that it is constantly damaged. If you move the slider across the bar at the top, a boost will be provided each time you reach a block that is moving away from the blue. As a general tip, keep the slider in the middle of the bar so that you can move freely and efficiently to the left or right, depending on where the blue block appears. If you have a special ability on the fishing rod, it will be activated occasionally when trying to catch fish.

You will notice this when you see a green block with a green bar at the top of the screen, such as a blue bar. Every time a special feature such as Smite appears to be a big blow to the fish, every effort must be made to achieve this goal. hp. When activated successfully, the two circles move slowly outward from the motion button, and after 0.5 seconds, the larger circle moves inward. When the two circles meet, hit the fish with special abilities by pressing the action button.

After you have successfully completed this task, you typically need to do a lot of work because you can import items. The life bar of each fish can be determined by the surrounding yellow circle. As time goes by, you will know when a yellow circle is about to catch when you lose that color Power Fishing Apk do not look so much like the lovers in the bar above. Be careful when you see the crown on top of the yellow circle. It is much harder to catch than other fish in the area because it indicates that the fish is a premium species.

The distance between you and the fish can also be determined by the number shown below the top bar. If you set it to 0, you have successfully created a catch. Depending on the length of the fishing line, if the number is displayed in red, it means that the fish is far enough away to escape.

2. Collect fish from one place at a time

Power Fishing game currently has four areas and four regular fishing areas, each with one boss battle. You can catch 12 different fish in each area, and you can get great rewards by completing it. Be sure to collect all fish from one area before moving to the next, as you will have to reach a certain level before moving to the next area. It’s surprisingly easy to meet all the species available in each area. Until we finish the collection, it seems that you will encounter almost everything you have not seen before.

The first two areas are very easy, but once you meet the premium species in it, you can start to feel the real challenge somewhere in the area. As each area provides a greater challenge, a struggle that continues to fail can tell you that you need to spend more time on the previous fishery area to flatten and strengthen your character. Anyway, catching the same fish constantly means that more fish can be leveled and evolved. Therefore, it does not actually waste to spend some time in the initial catch area.

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3. Equipment selection and upgrade

When you start Power Fishing Apk it does not matter what fishing rod you have. As you get more and more fishing rods, take time to look at each one. If you can, test each rod to determine the fishing rod that best fits your fishing style. For example, a hard crunch fishing rod (Ravage) is the single most likely to be in inventory with Smite ability, but the wooden Mighty fishing rod is exceptionally offensive. Since you can decide which one to use early, you can focus on raising and evolving your fishing rod. You can also get accessories that provide various stat boosts as well as buffs. Be aimed at equipping the fishing rod that best fits the chosen fishing rod and bringing that accessory over other accessories given your choice.

You can bring the same equipment back and keep the equipment level. The game shows the progress bar as an experience, but it actually means one of the same equipment. Once available, you must use 20 emeralds for each level. In Level 5, you can evolve each piece for 100 emeralds. There are ways to buy more equipment at your store to buy gold or valuable rubies. In the early stages of the game, the event will give you enough of what you need. You can then save the call later in the game.

4. Raise the fish height in Power Fishing APK

One of the competing aspects of Power Fishing is attacking the fishing of other players. Be prepared to use each fish to reduce the chances of you falling on the fishermen raiding you and the fishes. As each level up increases the fish statistics, please level each fishbowl and check the fishery for a while. For convenience, check the red triangle indicator in the upper left corner of each fish icon and click to start growing. You will receive Ruby whenever one of your fish reaches level 5.

You should also ensure that you have the maximum number of fish registered as aquarium fish. Registered guardian fish are normally engaged in combat during the raid, so please check to see if the strongest fish is among the chosen guardian fish.

5. Mission and compensation

One of the best things you can enjoy at Power Fishing Apk that is there are daily, weekly, and monthly missions that you can accomplish with rewards for instant rewards you get when doing almost anything in the game. Certain milestones and events and assignments provide additional compensation to achieve achievements. Since you can naturally perform many of these quests without being aware of each requirement, you should investigate from time to time. It is important to achieve 100% of your daily duties.

Fishing Bar You can use your recall tickets to get more of your favorite fishing rods in the game. If you receive compensation on a tab in the Mission icon, that item will not automatically be added to your inventory. Instead, since they are wrapped in your mail, click the envelope icon in the top right corner of the screen whenever there is a red mark. Most people will not stay in your mail forever and will expire in a few days, so ask for compensation.

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6. Join the Fisher Raids

While you continue to manage your fisheries, you need to secure as strong a fish as you can expect to withstand the attacks of other fishermen. You should also devote time to attack. Spend some time resting along each normal fishing area, as you can post some emeralds on the RP and other materials that determine the amount of gold and ruby you can receive on weekly rewards. The maximum number of attempts of another player to attack the fishery is 5, but if the number is less than 5, additional attempts will continue to occur over time.

You must be ready to struggle each time you change patterns and battle three fish. Lots are more challenging than your regular fishing Power Fishing Apk the rewards you earn depend on the number of fish you catch, but if you can catch one, you will already succeed.

7. Prepare before attempting a boss battle

You can join a boss battle after you reach a certain level, but you do not automatically follow it to be successful immediately in a situation that is actually a bit far away. At the very least, you can pay for it when it becomes possible to hold the peak and visit the fish boss. You can only do one free trial a day and you can get three treasure chests, depending on how much damage you have done to your boss. Failing at least 30% of damage will fail the challenge, but you can retry as many times as you like. The boss has random buffs that change daily, so every day’s battle can be different.

Performing great casts is more important than regular fishing because it increases the fatal damage rate rather than the usual catch size. If the boss fish becomes stronger, make sure the slider on the top bar is more difficult to adjust and ready. Likewise, being able to perform perfect hits with Smite is essential to winning the battle here. After the first attempt, check how far or how close you are to drop the boss’s total damage by 30% or more to see if subsequent bosses can succeed in the same boss battle.

If it is earlier, spend more time on your usual adventures and level up your character to prepare yourself in the next step. You can also purchase and upgrade more equipment as you venture.

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8. Use Ruby wisely

There are many ways to get Ruby, but there are many ways to use Ruby. Similar to many games that use premium currencies, you can save Ruby on Power Fishing Apk to get a bigger game later. There is no expensive item that requires Ruby Tone in the game, but it’s just as good as writing Ruby on things you can not get in any other way. One would be the best way to send rubies to raise fish hp and defense statistics in fisheries. If you click on the Produce button in the fishery, you will see a defense management window with an additional 5% increase in spending ruby on statistics.

To make this approach less vulnerable to attack by other players, you should consider it an investment instead of a cost. In turn, you can maximize your emerald production without worrying about stolen other players. Next, buying clothes is also a good investment in Ruby, which is hard to get. For each 200 rubies, the costumes provide a totally cosmetic improvement in the game as well as statistics. At this time, there is no other way to learn about them, so at least one person can be caught first because of the fatal increase in the stat.

If you are investing in or investing in perpetual items or items that you can not get in any other way, you can also enhance Ruby by sending Ruby to the 5 + 1 Premium Fishing Gacha. Because gold for ordinary people seems useless, a premium person can actually help you get stronger.

9. Use your sore potion in Power Fishing Apk

Under the “Others” tab in the item bag, you will see the potions and accessories you have collected in your adventure. When you focus on a potion, you can categorize it based on the duration of the effect, which is usually the appearance. For potions contained in jars, the effect is permanent. In other words, you must use it immediately. On the other hand, carbonated beverage cans have a temporary effect lasting only one hour and should be stored when truly needed. You can initially have up to 60 items in your entire inventory, so you can choose to consume potions that have a temporary effect once you reach the full inventory state.

If not, make the most of the high-level areas where it can be harder to proceed with normal statistics. The importance of successfully catching all sorts of fish in the area becomes even more apparent as the main reward for doing work is a potion that allows permanent statistical increases. As much as possible, you can get more stat boost at the beginning of the game if you push it to completion.

10. Check the timeout of the pull out menu

With Power Fishing Apk all content, you can miss the pull-out menu on the left side of the screen. They can receive additional compensation through the Fish Book and from time to time check the equipment available for production under the Craft icon. Not only does the fish book show you the set of fish you caught, but it also gives you rewards from the themes and other items you collect in your adventure. You can see your rankings, notifications and attendances here, as well as add friends who can compare levels and RPs.

11. Try to log in every day

It is common for many online games to provide rewards every time they attend the game every day. What we have not been able to see on a regular basis is to get better enthusiasts to keep going. So, given that you might not be able to play games every day, at least log in to the game to register your attendance and claim compensation later. Given that the rate of catching large fish can go up to 5% in 10 consecutive days, it will be a great help in raising the experience and rewards of catching fish. game. Also, every day’s reward is pretty good. Especially seven days a week.

Well, Power Fishing needs to know how to be fast and efficient enough and become an ace fisherman. If you play well with our guide, you can catch up with most of the players who started the game in front of you and become a prominent figure in the world of power phishing. There are potentially many updates to the game, so you can soon re-deliver the Power Fishing Apk gude & tips.