Pokemon Rumble Rush

Pokémon Rumble Rush latest version 1.2.0 (1020003) will entertain your day without any difficulty because this game offers something new as a game. The game has strong Pokémon and a spirit of discovery, travel through an unknown island. In this game, you will find many Pokémon that can be collected in the game. In addition, it also has a simple game that will satisfy players very well to play on their Android device or tablet.

Pokemon Rumble Rush file information

Developer: The Pokemon Company
Version: 1.2.0 (1020003)
File size: 62.9 MB
Uploaded: August 25, 2019 at 9:29 a.m. GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 4.4 and higher
MD5: 8727a753e7b823a73945081dcf943d97
SHA1: d6f2d690a9d94d61e59c05f9cb9bd36dcac54704

Download Pokemon Rumble Rush APK 1.2.0

Pokemon Rumble Rush APK v1.2.0

Pokemon Rumble Rush Review

In this game, players will enjoy the accelerated game because it is easy to control the Pokémon with just one hand. The game has clear stages in controlling the Pokémon as it progresses. The game is simple because if you see the enemies in the game, you can attack them. To attack, you just need to touch the screen. You can play to participate in an exciting game action. It will be awesome to play the game on Android.

In addition, you can also update your Pokémon in this game. With this idea, you can refine the ore to get power gears that you can use to make your Pokémon stronger. In this game, you can also refine the ore in an invocation team that will summon Pokémon to use a powerful move. Using power equipment and summoning gears will help you get the favorite Pokémon without any difficulty.

To strengthen your Pokémon power, you can earn rewards by working through the super rush boss. You will need many different types of Pokémon to defeat enemies. With this interesting game, Pokémon Rumble Rush for Android will satisfy and entertain players very well. In addition, to play this game, the device must be compatible. The game is compatible to play with Android 4.4 or higher.


  • Super Boss Rush has become Coin Rush
  • The base numbers for gears and their numbers after being updated have been improved.
  • The number of slots in the refinery has increased from three to six.
  • Arrangements to address the application force abandonment during the game
  • Processing was implemented to address cases where the game could not be started when there was a discrepancy with the device's time settings.

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