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Pokemon GO APK v0.151.0

Pokemon GO has released the latest APK 0.151.0 (2019080100) so you can download and update the game for your Android. This game went viral about a year ago. However, in addition to being controversial, it also reveals several interesting things that can be seen as a breakthrough in the adventure game world. This game was launched around 2016 and gets great success and will be a hot topic worldwide. However, many people see it negatively and others are the opposite.

Pokemon GO File Information

Developer: Niantic, Inc.
Version: 0.151.0 (2019080100)
File size: 98.8 MB
Uploaded: August 9, 2019 at 10:35 a.m. GMT + 07
Requirement: Android 4.4 and higher
MD5: 8cbcdf6b085984a41ad6b1f20f6dd5de
SHA1: 765b57492ba20f7824809baae7d6f0c8196d22d6

Download Pokemon GO APK 0.151.0

Pokemon GO APK v0.151.0

Pokémon GO Review

In the game, players will receive a map that fits the player's living room. Players can now play outside and participate in a real monster hunt. The image that players only sit and remain in place while they play has been severely broken.

To catch the Pokémon, players just have to touch the monster and on the screen, they will be Pokémon and Pokeballs. Slide the Pokeball to the monster to catch it and store it. Game technology becomes exactly the highlight where Augmented Reality (AR) causes people to move to find the Pokémon, get Pokémon and release Pokémon eggs in Pokestop. At an advanced level, the player as coach can train the Pokémon in the gym.

So, to update the level, they should find Pokémon as often as possible to get more XP points. There is also another menu in the game, such as Pokedex, items and store. The Pokémon can also fight with other Pokémon. With its beautiful graphics in combination of AR and on-screen animation, it turns out to be a unique experience. That's why people are so addicted to it. It is also free. In the game and control, it can be easily followed.

Basically, the game is simple, but it can be a great way to interact with other players. In this case, the presentation is the best with music that is easy to hear and feels like it is stuck in the ears.


  • This may still be missing here and there, but the presentation is excellent in visual and audio, especially with AR technology.
  • Free to play
  • Simple game and control
  • It requires players to be active and play outside with interesting features.


  • It occupies a large amount of memory, battery and RAM of a smartphone

How to play (Pokemon Go tips and tricks)

People love Pikachu, the most popular Pokémon. As tips for playing for the first time, players can choose Pikachu. Although there are only 3 Pokémon options to choose from first: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, in reality, people can choose Pikachu away from the area until the selection zone appears. The Pokémon will reappear and the Pikachu will appear. Next, learn about the monster hunting mechanism based on time and habitat.

Explore more variety of Pokémon playing at different times. It has also been valid on site. A different area or place will determine the variations of Pokémon also to catch. As you consume battery, turn off the AR effect by clicking the AR button in the upper right corner while looking at the Pokémon. Although it reduces the visual sensation, it is great to save battery or set it from Battery Saver in the application.


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