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Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox APK 2018 Download

Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox a three-dimensional sandbox where you have to accept God’s role to create the universe from small planets to giants. Your disposition will be a huge weapon of tools and functions so that everything can be limited only by imagination.

Download Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox APK

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If you have power, how would you make the solar system? What is the size of each planet or star? And how do you keep them in orbit? If you are interested in astronomy and are looking for a powerful yet easy to use 3D space sandbox app, create and simulate an entirely new galaxy using realistic physics and gravity rules, you’ve come to the right place. Pocket Universe, 3D The gravity sandbox game gives you the ultimate power to explore infinite space and simulate your own space full of other planets, gas giants and much more. In this gravity simulator application, you can customize every part of this particle to simulate and design your own pocket cosmic sandbox.

If you’re happy with your custom solar system (or any other combination of particles, planets, and stars), you can easily add it to your collection, take screenshots, and share it with the world. The Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox APK comes with a clean, clean design and 3D simulations are so smooth that you may not experience difficulties or delays when conflicting with the planet or applying conditions. Do not use realistic gravitational lens effects when viewing black holes. It is just fascinating.

How to play Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox

Is this a 3D space sandbox with realistic physics simulations that are powerful enough to create and design other planets, gas giants, and stars? The answer is a big example! But is the simulation tool easy to use? The answer is a bigger example! The user interface is very familiar, so after a few tutorials you will be able to use the available tools and get used to it.

Then, you can use your imagination and create a unique Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox APK using a gravity simulator based on physics rules. If we try to redesign our beautiful solar system in our galaxy, we have access to all planets (Mars, Moon, Earth, Mercury, etc.), the power to meet the right conditions and open a new world of collision. Maintain mass and sea level while keeping the temperature stable. To clump things and create a new planet, collide the right thing.


  • Increase sea level, strike the planet with an ice meteor and use a rock salt to lower the sea level.
  • Pocket Universe 3D Sandbox Key Features Summary:
  • Cool 3D graphics with a smooth space simulator
  • Super user-friendly interface with easy-to-learn gameplay
  • Step-by-step and detailed tutorials
  • A huge variety of particles, procedural planets, gas giants, and stars
  • Ultimate customizable options for your creations
  • 3D gravity simulator with realistic physics rules
  • Create a solar system with the smallest detail
  • Bring screenshots from Pocket Universe and share them with family and friends.
  • Achieve new achievements
  • Interactive journal to track your creations
  • Saving and loading the simulated universe
  • No ads and no in-app purchases

Thus, Pocket Universe provides everything you would expect from 3D gravity and space sandbox games, and provides a smooth particle simulator, realistic physics rules, a user-friendly interface, a variety of particles and planets to set the bar higher. Stars, and much more. If you have a serious problem with astronomy or want to have fun creating a beautiful unlimited universe, we are targeting you.

Choose from a wide range of dazzling particles, stars, planets, and determine where you should position and rotate, and which planet to hit to destroy and create a new world. Download Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox APK 2018 and let us know about bugs, feature requests, or other suggestions. Reposition gravity, full 3D physics in different orbital planes, keep an eye on all-new features such as viewing from the world’s surface and expanding the game’s living aspect.

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