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Pocket Legends Adventures, By Spacetime Studios -Overview

Spacetime Studios released a completely new game in the Legends MMO series, but it could be quite different from what we expected. Spacetime Studios, says that the latest Pocket Legends Adventures, are not MMOs,

Pocket Legends Adventures

But “bold, action-packed RPG Adventure, in most cases, there is little difference from other games, but could there be a bigger plan for the official release?

From the beginning you will participate in direct combat to learn the basic touchscreen controls and ropes of the overall combat mechanism. In most cases, this screen is easy to understand simply by tapping the screen you want to move and tapping the enemy to fight.

No matter how much control you have with your movement and special abilities, you automatically attack your opponent. Controls like the majority of action RPG, on Android. Now, I know that using tabs for movement is a lesson in micro-management, as you will constantly steer your character around the screen to avoid attack, from enemies you are fighting.

Pocket Legends Adventures

This works as intended, but certain tabs on the screen can be really painful. The virtual pad for character movement works much better in my opinion. Fortunately, there is an option in the settings to switch to the virtual D pad control. As for gameplay, it seems pretty basic to flushing at first. Campaign mode is divided into individual levels, with three asterisks for each level.

he more stars you get, the better you can get. At first, there is a tendency to consist of a single corridor that walks down the road to resolve the boss fight at the end of this level. Once you are done with the boss, you open the loot box filled with items at random and go to the screen showing the loot obtained.

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These items can be mounted once you return to the Home Menu screen. However, most order upgrades and overall training have timers attached to determine what the game means. Free play grindfest. Of course, at first, we make new items and calls at a fairly fast pace, but what we all know is not always going to last.

This leads to monetization of this title. Of course, this is an FTP version, meaning there are a variety of in-app purchases up to $ 89.99. Most of these IAPs are for purchasing Platinum, the second currency of the game, which can be used to purchase the gold base currency of a game or simply to get other items through the game’s loot box system.

Oh, and there are actually people wondering if Google Play game services are supported. When you sign in with your Google Account, your progress is saved in the cloud. This will allow you to select and play your character on your favorite Android device.

Developers even included Facebook logins for those who want to play games on mobile platforms. I can not say that the public beta version of Pocket Legends Adventures, game can attract a lot of attention due to numerous IAPs, wait timers, crate boxes, and multiple currencies, but those who enjoy these things should feel right at home.

Although games such as MMOs and MMOs on Android have resurrected these days, Pocket Legends Adventures says that despite FTP technology, it is one of the better looking and more streamlined releases today. So if you’re interested in seeing what this game offers, you can at least initially install a public beta without worrying about throwing away your money. You can download the game here.


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