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Piano Tiles 2 APK Download

Download Piano Tiles 2 APK latest version after Cheetah Mobile released piano tiles and succeeded, we would like to repeat the success story with the next generation game called APK (30000977), the latest in Piano Tile 2. What is the difference between them? In new games, players can choose their own songs. So they do not have to play the songs offered in the series.

In terms of hand speed challenges, there are actually more tips and tricks to becoming a game expert. Do not forget patience and practice is against style. They are the best way to play this kind of game. It is an important principle to keep in mind. Do not forget to rest too. Practice is not the same as the final exam. When you sleep, your energy increases to reduce mistakes during your workout. Do not focus on the last line.

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This method does not really help much. As the speed gets faster, there is no time to finally see black or blue tiles. Then use two fingers instead of one. Piano Tiles 2 APK in fact, the two are always better than alone. Next, it is more effective for smartphones with large screens. Since the tiles will also grow, it will have a lot of effect on the screen. The last thing to do is to use the remaining reminders in the game. Set in more buttons in the main menu and set the timer. Some people choose 5-10 minutes. You can set it as needed. Resting your eyes helps you get regular high scores.

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About Piano Tiles 2 file

  • Piano Tiles 2 ™ free
  • Change log
  • Previous version
  • Developer: Cheetah Games
  • Version: (30000977)
  • File size: 48.2 MB
  • Uploaded: April 26, 2018 11:14 AM GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
  • MD5: afc1a1d15f83a7fce2e4c4be7c5919e3
  • SHA1: faa6db0f9e8fb652e74087867573b337c4e0073e

Review Piano Tiles 2 APK

Piano Tiles 2 for Android has won Best Game 2016 in the Google Play Store in 13 countries, so there’s no harm. The game has a heart shaped energy supply that you can play. Rules and game play are not difficult. Similar to his predecessor and simple. Press both black notes on one note and blue notes on a long note. All notes must be taped correctly. If there is only one left or right note, the game ends and you lose. So players have to be careful. All songs are played with endless notes.

Over time, the song tempo will run faster and faster as you tap still. That’s a challenging part of the game. As a result, Piano Tiles 2 download APK has proved to be addictive and enjoyable for everyone. It is suitable as an alternative to wasting time and playing in a boring time. Encourage people to be focused and inspired. Graphics are great with simple and pleasant design. Despite adopting an earlier version of the recipe, but with an updated design, the design is not too different. It comes in blue and black tiles of a typical piano.

To make a sound, the player plays a lot of songs while playing in the background. There are various levels from slow tempo to fast tempo, including popular classic songs. Basically, Piano Tiles 2 APK music turns out to turn music into challenging and fun. You can enjoy your game anytime, anywhere without interrupting your internet connection. You might want to compete with your friends.

Advantages :

Enjoy leisure with a simple and fun game. No internet connection Challenge your speed and skill in a fun way with dozens of your favorite songs to play. Disadvantages Not much different from previous versions The energy supply waits for the game to recharge.

Change log

  1. Selected songs are free on limited time on weekends.

Older Versions of Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2™ (30000960) Old APK
updated: april 26, 2018
Piano Tiles 2™ (30000933) Old APK
updated: april 4, 2018
Piano Tiles 2™ (30000891) Old APK
updated: march 11, 2018
Piano Tiles 2™ (30000806) Old APK
updated: february 2, 2018

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