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Peace Death an exciting game where you play for the reaper as you serve for the death of the “Apocalypse” company. You will face a very difficult task: you have to take a seven-week grace period.

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By the end of the probationary period, you can earn a long-awaited job for the service of death and promote the interests of the employer. The game also expects many other tasks to be resolved soon. Perhaps it’s hard to decide where to send a new customer … but I think you will manage and get a long-awaited job! Peace, death! It is an arcade simulator that is having difficulty. In this game you play as Reaper, who works for Death, the president of Apocalypse, Inc. We face challenges. Through a seven-week trial period, you get a permanent job and improve your employer’s interests.

Game features

You need to investigate each customer’s characteristics to determine his or her fate. There are more features every day and the game becomes more difficult. Does the customer have a pistol? If he changes his mind and does not drop his weapon, send him to hell. Peace Death APK is your client a hat lover? Should I send him to heaven? No, it’s not so easy! You can take off your hat and see the horns first. It also features being a demon, a murderer, or an angel.

Since these events are unexpected and rapid events, the Reaper is stronger over time. However, to achieve disaster, gain new customers, and increase the impact of death, you must assign clients correctly! Unhappy pirates, having an influenza pandemic in Siberia, fighting for free soup – this is just part of the disaster. A new event starts every week. The more days you worked, the more events you have. Trainee phone, smuggling safe, secret agent of paradox, kidnapper. They all raise some difficulties but help you to be the best in the business. Why, you can cook soup! Each seventh day is a theme day.

You will choose your fate for a unique soundtrack that matches the spirit of the selected theme. Peace Death APK exactly! Mother Russia? Nostrovia! Pirate day? Hey. What else? Horsemen assignments, funny customer phrases, lots of references and Easter eggs, bonuses, penalties and very special customers – all of which will define your future when the Reaper decides to end the game!

  • Eternal game. You wanted and you asked.
  • More than 100 destiny cards affecting your working days.
  • New disaster. Wicked, crazy youtubers, uninhabited, even the epidemic’s festival!
  • New character. Famous and unknown
  • Your big apartment. More than anyone else’s dream.
  • Platform: Android
  •  Category: Andriod Games Apk
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