Paladins Strike Game Tips & Review

The latest Moba game Paladins Strike Apk from Hi-Rez Studios has finally been released for mobile devices. This game has more than 15 characters and many game modes like Art of Conquest APK, you start in the Bronze League and compete with other top quality players for free rewards and jump into the top leagues for better rewards. This article covered everything about the game.

Paladins Strike Game Tips & Review for Android

As usual, the Paladins Strike game begins with tutorials and tutorials that cover the basics of the game and guide you through controls, combat systems, attacks, and techniques. After you complete the tutorial, you will have to manually process all upgrades, champions, and everything. In this game, both teams fight in a real-time 5v5 battle with only one goal. Capture points and defeat enemies.

Before the battle begins, the player must choose one of the best champions in the battle. After that, you enter the arena, helping your team defeat the enemy and gain an edge over the battle. But it will not be easy. You can ask a lot of questions about characters, battles and modes. I’ve covered everything here.

Paladin’s character

  • Viktor
  • Grohk
  • cash
  • Makoa
  • responsibility
  • law
  • Evi
  • Fernando
  • Adrokus
  • Bomb king
  • Huh
  • Barric
  • sky
  • Seed
  • De logo
  • Kinia
  • Maeve
  • Ruckus
  • Tyra
  • Grover
  • ash
  • end
  • Zhin
  • Malta

Best characters in Paladins Strike Game

Viktor – Weapons – Assault rifles – Skills – Grenades, Hustle, Tents, Cache – Weapons – Crossbow – Skill – Explosive Shot, Dodge Roll, Away Falcon, Bomb King – Weapons – Bomb – Skill – Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Logos – Weapons -, Rocket Launcher – Technology – Fire Spit, Salvo, Dragon Punch, Kinia – Weapons – Sniper Rifle – Skill – Sniper Mode, Oppressor Mine, Head Hunter, Tyra – Weapons – Automatic Rifle – Technology – Flame Bomb, Hunters Mark, Crossfire.

Buck – Weapon – Shotgun, Skill – Recovery, Hero Leap, Wild Buck, Rex – Weapons – Magnum, Skill – Trace, Battle Slide, Law, Evie – Weapon – Ice Staff, Skill – Ice Block, Blink, Ice Storm, Androxus – Weapon – Revolver, Paladins Strike game Skill – Reverse, Nether Step, Conjecture Cancer, Sky – Weapon – Wrist Crossbow, Skill – Smoke Bomb, Stealth, Time Bomb, Maeve – Weapons – Dagger, Skill – Pounce, Prowl, Midnight, Zhin – Weapon – Hell Blade, Skill Counter, Weakness, Weakness.

Grohk – the best of healing, Ying – the best in allies treatment / support, Pip-pip can turn enemies into chickens. Grover – Heal nearby ally quickly. Mal’Damba – fires dark blood vessels. Macau’s shields absorb 4000 damage and block enemy attacks, Fernando – The Ultimate Technology – Shield, Barric – shielding Ruckus – the best champion?

Excellent defense as well as aggressiveness. Terminus – Terminus also deals well with damage and defense. Each character has unique weapons, skills and talents. Most characters are locked when you start the game and you can open new characters for free in your store every day.

there are three types of runes

  1. Red Rune
  2. Green Runes
  3. Blue Rune

You need a rune to upgrade your Paladins Strike game character. Red runes increase damage power, green runes increase health power, and blue runes increase fatal damage. Note – The upgrade bonus varies for each class of character. For example, a blue rune reduces the cooldown time for a support type character.

There are two types of runes

  1. By color
  2. universal

A universal rune can be used to upgrade all characters. However, the color runes (red, blue, and green) are not available for character upgrades. For example, Cassie red cores / rune can not be used to upgrade other characters. However, you can use Universal Core for all characters. Each character has a unique talent. For example, a basic attack deals 50% of healing, 200% of critical damage, and 30% of base attacks. You can choose to use talent in battle.

How to activate talent?

Level up activates talent! You can increase your level five times, and you can choose between two talents each time you raise a level. You choose the best heroes in battle based on the attributes; Defense Force, Damage / damage, Support, liquidity


Check the list listed above (filtering by type). The role of the supporting character is to heal the ally, to defeat the enemy in the role of attacking the character, and to protect the ally in the role of the defensive character. Once you start a battle, you will have to choose a champion and make a quick choice, as other team members will not be able to make a choice. Then you have to capture the target (you’ll see it in the top left corner too), start moving and control the battlefield.

Paladin Strike Use the joystick on the left to move the character. In the bottom right corner there is battle control. Attacks, techniques, ammunition restoration, etc. Check out Paladins Strike’s cheat, below tips for mastering the game! So, this is the Paladins Strike game android guide for beginners. Now, let’s start with Paladins Strike’s cheats, tips and strategies to take control of the battlefield and get huge rewards.

Declare a free champion every day

One of the best things about Paladins Strike is that you can get all the champions / characters for free. All you have to do is visit the store section of the game every day.> Pick a free champion from the Champion tab. You get a free champion every day! There is no shortage collection system, play every day and make all the champions free. A lot of rewards can be gained by focusing on daily quests.

On the main screen, go to the “Quests section” -> check out the tasks you need to complete to get an activity point. When you complete the assignment, you will receive an activity score. When you collect a certain activity score, the activity heart opens. You can claim five bows a day by completing all tasks. This chest has gold, marks, and runes.

Level up quickly by completing daily tasks

As you know, you must level up to unlock the advanced bundle. How to Level Fast? To level up, you need two ways to gain experience: Experience. Improve your performance in battle. The better you perform, the better your reward will be.

How to perform better in Paladin?

Get more murders. Reduce the number of deaths. Do more damage. How can you kill more, reduce the number of deaths, and do more damage? First, choose the best champion sooner than any other player. If you hide under the grass, the enemies will not see you. It hides under the grass and starts attacking. Target specific enemies (less HP). Do not go alone, always be with your colleagues.

Use special skills in a timely manner to do more damage or gain more benefits. If the champion is injured, stay away from enemies and wait for full HP [HP Auto Restore] Upgrade the character to improve its properties. Defense, damage, speed

Exercise mode  in Paladins Strike Game

Practice mode allows you to test each character’s skill, performance, weakness, and strength. In practice mode, all characters are unlocked, and anyone can choose to test other attributes such as skill / ability, damage and speed. You can test each character in practice mode to evaluate the best character. You can purchase some items using the in-game currency “gold” in the store. You can get a free rune chest or core using gold. If you have enough coins, purchase and upgrade your character using runes.

Golden box – It’s like drawing good luck. In the Paladins Strike you can get Universal Core, Megaron Chest, Ticket and Crystal for free. Go to the store -> Golden Box -> Spend your luck and test. You can get crystals, Megaron chests and other valuable items for free without spending real money.

Get premium skins and characters

It has a lucky draw function. [When installing the game] Login rewards available for 14 days only – Login to the store -> Login rewards -> Drawing -> Premium skins and premium characters for free. What is skin? Equipping your character with skins will give you the same benefits as Rune Bonus and Gold Bonus.

If you sign in using your Facebook account or Hi-Rez account, you will receive Premium Skin the following day. Paladins Strike game on the main screen, go to the Sign-in tab and claim your free reward. So, these are some paladin battles, tricks, and strategy guides for beginners. It’s a great game and offers free rewards.